Morpheus Road takes place in Stony Brook Connecticut

If you’ve read the excerpt from The Light, you’ll know that I’ve set the action of Morpheus Road in Bobby Pendragon’s hometown of Stony Brook.  Basically, I did it for fun.    Pendragon readers will (hopefully) remember many of the places that Marshall and his friends go to from Bobby’s story.  It was fun for me to re-visit that town, though technically it was re-re-visiting because I based Stony Brook on my hometown of Greenwich, CT.  (And yes, though the original Garden Poultry doesn’t exist anymore on “The Ave”, there is another one open in Old Greenwich so you can still get those great fries.)

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185 Comments on “Morpheus Road takes place in Stony Brook Connecticut”

  1. Swiftpelt13 says:

    To Lead Traveler: If u mean DeviantART, then Google it.

  2. Lead Traveler says:

    @ Swiftpelt13
    did you read the Warriors series? just curious.

  3. Lead Traveler says:

    and i’ll google that.

  4. Lead Traveler says:

    i googled it but i couldn’t find your drawings on the website.

  5. Swiftpelt13 says:

    Yes, I have. And my username on DeviantART is Swiftpelt13

  6. Lead Traveler says:

    i tried that. i typed in the search box, “drawings by Swiftpelt13” but nothing came up.

  7. Lead Traveler says:

    disappointed that it was in Stony Brook AGAIN but turned out to be really, really, REALLY good.

  8. Lead Traveler says:

    please try to make base your next series somewhere in the west, like Idaho or Oregon, or Colorado, or Montana, or anywhere over here except Nevada or California. too many people have done that already.

  9. Swiftpelt13 says:

    Try Swiftpelt & Blaze cuz im gonna post that one

  10. Swiftpelt13 says:

    Swiftpelt and Blaze, type this exactly

  11. Lead Traveler says:


  12. Lead Traveler says:

    i just looked and it was pretty good. have any others?

  13. Swiftpelt13 says:

    Yea, click on Swiftpelt13 when u see it again.

  14. Lead Traveler says:

    they’re really good. could you color them next time to make them show up better please?

  15. Swiftpelt13 says:

    My computer has photoshop, so I’m gonna try and see if it works, then I’ll put color and stuff. And thanks for the compliment. I learned from Blaze2876

  16. Lead Traveler says:

    yeah you said that on the website.

  17. Lead Traveler says:

    has anyone read Skeleton Creek or the Red Pyramid? cause if you read The Red Pyramid, did you read the foreword thing and the author’s note. cause if you did, that would be really freaky if Carter and Sadie were telling the truth(which i bet they weren’t) and if you’ve read Skeleton Creek- did the graphics of the ghost in the video clips scare you? they scared me, i have to admit.

  18. second traveler says:

    well im going to read it and they should make a M.road pronunciation guide ( spelled it wrong i think )

  19. Gunny says:

    I wonder what makes those fries so good…
    I wonder what those fries taste like…

  20. ALMOST SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! says:

    grrrrr!!!!!!!! people stop talking about those fries!!!!!!!! cause i’ll never (Well, maybe someday) will be able to go to Stony Brook!!!!!!!!!!! it’s too far away from ID!!!!!!!!!

  21. Swiftpelt13 says:

    I’m going 2 High School! I was super close 2 not going, but I passed my re-test with a high grade!! Oh yea!!!

  22. Lead Traveler says:

    did you have to do PACE? is it hard or is it easy? is it scary?

  23. Swiftpelt13 says:

    Has anyone ever played maplestory? If not, u should. if u join,(it’s free) look 4 Swiftpelt132, cuz that’s me

  24. SOLARA says:

    Does morpheus road have ANYTHING to do with pendragon?

  25. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    sort of. it mentions mark in it. otherwise, no.

  26. PendragonPerson400 says:

    OMG really!!! i havent read it yet but am excited to. Wow when i bought Raven Rise in the back was a short excerpt which I read. I was in the bookstore when I read the excerpt and when it said Stony Brook I screamed NO WAY! dropped the book and like prayed to u D.J. Just kidding about the praying but the NO WAY! was so real…

    p.s D.J Machale I want you to know that I completely adore Flight 29 dwn the show was so great i just wish it was longer. OMG i couldnt believe you were hugely involved since it’s my fav show and pendragon are my fav books I so should have guessed

  27. Kasha says:

    Mark Dimond???? In Morpheus Road??? You’ve got to be kidding.

  28. Me says:

    I like MacHale’s idea. I think that it is creative. It makes me want to read Morpheus.

  29. Steve says:

    i wonder how those fries taste? Do they taste as good as Bobby said in Pendragon, and do they eat them on Morpheus Road (i dont know because i am still reading my summer books, and i never start a new series till the one i read is finished, or school starts back up again)? I think that Stony Brook (based on Pendragon) is really neat and interesting. The place i would like to visit will be the pocket-park (with the fries to go along with it)!

  30. Steve says:

    it mentions Mark Dimond? How? Who (i know who, but still!)? Why? Why not Courtney? Why not some thing else? But Why Mard Dimond?

  31. Steve says:

    on the promotion for M. Road, it looked really scary! I dont think i even WANT to buy it (or get it at the library) till NEXT year! AHHHH! IT LOOKS TOO SCARY FOR ME!

  32. Steve says:

    i am not a boy, and i have a twin bro!

  33. Steve says:

    I’ve been to Connecticut, but not in any place that is even LIKE Stony Brook!

  34. Lead Traveler says:

    @Kasha and Steve
    it mentions Mark in MR and i’m not kidding and no one else is either. and Steve, to find out how it mentions Mark you WILL have to read it and it’s not that scary. to me the most scariest book i’ve ever read is Skeleton Creek cause the graphics in the movie clips were really life-like.

  35. Steve says:

    Well, thanks Lead Traveler, At the time i was freaking out because i was up till midnight that night, reading the third Pendragon book, which my sister told me to read the series to understand what she was saying. When i don’t get my sleep, i get cranky, reallly cranky, even on the internet. And i believe you about Skeletion Creek, even though i never seen it. DON’T spoil all of the series the D.J. MacHale wrote and you read, or i will get cranky again, to who ever does it, and sorry for the five in a row.

  36. Eleventh Territory says:

    I HAVE to read Morpheus Road! I would have gotten The Light already, but my mom said the image on the cover was somewhat disturbing. I’m not saying how old I am, but I’m young enough for my mom to make decisions like that.

  37. Lead Traveler says:

    Skeleton Creek DID freak me out cause i don’t like ghosts and if you read it and watched the video clips i think it would freak you out too cause the ghost is actually played by a real person with lots of computer animation and make up.

  38. Holly says:

    @ Lead Traveler

    You read the warrior cat series too? isn’t it the bestest ever! i’ve read all of the books except the 2nd one of the fourth apprentice.

  39. Lead Traveler says:

    yes i’ve read the Warriors, i’m waiting for the next one to come out. (3 of fourth apprentice.) i can’t agree that they’re the best ever cause i’ve read a lot of books and a lot surpass the Warriors, like MR and Pendragon. have you heard of the new movie Socerer’s Apprentice? people say it’s a book but they’re tons and tons of Socerer’s Apprentice books out there. do you know which one it is?

  40. Holly says:

    oh, i still love the warrior series. anyways. yeah the new movie the Sorcerer’s Apprentice is based on the disney movie Fantasia with mickey mouse. i think it’s a kid’s book too, but not sure.

  41. Lead Traveler says:

    that’s cool. i’ve been trying to find out if it was based on anything.

  42. Lead Traveler says:

    have you seen the Sorcerer’s Apprentice? if you have: was it any good? i’ve heard “Yes! it’s awesome!” and “It was kind of good.” and also “It sucked.” it’s kind of like that one bookk, what was it called. i think it was called Beka Cooper. yep. pretty sure it was that. well, it reminds me of that book.

  43. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:


  44. Holly says:

    uhh.. let me think. oh yeah. it kind of did

  45. Lead Traveler says:

    have you seen it? was it good if so?

  46. i will be a Traveler says:

    i liked it.

  47. bri says:

    the socerer’s apprentice! man i wanna see that.

  48. britt says:

    o my gosh i cant wait to see scorcers aprentice. has anyone seen the avatar the last airbender movie if so was it any good??

  49. i will be a Traveler says:

    i haven’t but i heard that the action was cool the acting horrible.
    has anyone seen the Prince of Persia?

  50. random person says:

    i’ve seen prince of persia and i thought it was awesome.

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