No Name Calling Week

Barnes & Noble (.com) is running an anti-bullying campaign on their websites. Lots of authors recorded videos in support of this…including me. Check it out at:


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97 Comments on “No Name Calling Week”

  1. andy says:


  2. Hobbesx says:

    Great story, DJ!

  3. Hoyt says:

    That’s great what all of you guys did. It made me think about how words CAN hurt people. You guys are making a difference out there!

  4. iFantasy says:

    You guys are doing a great thing for all the kids out there who have bully problems, whether they’re the bully or the bullied. I think it’s awesome.

  5. Tweets that mention No Name Calling Week « D.J. MacHale Books -- Topsy.com says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Claudia Matthews. Claudia Matthews said: RT @DJMacHale: New blog post: No Name Calling Week https://djmachalebooks.com/2011/01/11/no-name-calling-week/ […]

  6. andy says:

    i love how that it’s supporting to stop bullying! ROCK ON, D.J!

  7. Cool facts from Cloral says:

    it’s a good idea. Did you know that alot of kids suicided because of bully related problems. If you see someone making fun of a kid, go up to the bully and tell them to stop. Did you know that obese children are normally bullied more then other kids. It’s very sad. Hope that all of you stop bullies at once.

  8. taylor laws says:

    can’t wait 2 checkall the pendragon books out at the library.and i mean all of the series that is out cause i read like between 9 to 15 books a week. 🙂

  9. (name deleted) says:

    my name was deleted do to it’s the “don’t call names week”…

  10. Friend of Spader's says:

    Great video, D.J. And for a great cause, too. That’s wonderful!

  11. LoorRocks101 says:

    I think that is a great thing that Barnes and Noble is doing.

  12. Yenza says:

    I agree.

  13. LoorRocks101 says:

    It really gives kids an alert. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

  14. (name deleted) says:

    the only name calling i’ve done is call people by their names (and tommorrow two girls asked to be called “you’re highness” and “my princess” as a joke for everyone)

  15. (name deleted) says:

    i did that, and it was alot of fun. I can’t believe that the book is coming out in 85 days! I can’t wait for the light to FINALLY get here (we ordered it in October, and we just reliezed they had the wrong adress), and also preorder the black (the light, the black, is the next book being called the white?)

  16. LoorRocks101 says:

    That’s cool! I don’t know if I am going to read them…… I MIGHT!

  17. LoorRocks101 says:

    It just seems TOTALLY different from the Pendragon series. But I might try it.

  18. Saangi says:

    Yeah, it is different. It’s a spooky trilogy, but it’s so awesome so far. Can’t wait for books 2 and 3!

  19. andy says:


  20. LoorRocks101 says:

    @Saangi What is the book about?

  21. Saangi says:

    Basically, it’s about a sixteen year old kid named Marshall Seaver whose best friend, Cooper Foley, goes missing and it’s up to Marshall to find out what’s happened to him. There’s also a frightening character named Gravedigger who is haunting and hunting Marshall and it’s up to Marsh to figure out how this guy is connected to his best friend’s disappearance. I won’t say anymore. But it’s a really great book 🙂

  22. andy says:

    the world is going to end in five billion uears, people.
    the sun going to eat our planet. we will dead by then.

  23. andy says:


  24. Twig says:

    Woo-hoo! Can’t wait ^ ^

  25. Mozartghost says:

    So HOW do they expect to stop bullying?
    Issuing a Police State?
    I don’t understand.

  26. LoorRocks101 says:

    @Saangi Oh woah that seems really good!!! I will probably read it now. So are you reading it?

  27. Saangi says:

    Yeah, I’ve read it twice already. It’s great. I have the feeling The Black is going to be even better. ^ ^

  28. LoorRocks101 says:

    Oh yeah. I LOVE DJ MacHale books. I am reading Pendragon right now. AWESOME!!!

  29. Saangi says:

    Agreed. Nothing beats his books! 😀

    What Pendragon book are you on, by the way?

  30. Julia says:

    A stand against bullying! Awesome! I’ve been bullied too many times. Thankfully I’ve never had to deal with physical bullying because I went to a Private Christian school from 2nd grade to 6th grade. You can get expelled just for pushing someone on purpose..

  31. LoorRocks101 says:

    I am on The Reality Bug. DONT TELL ME ANYTHING!!! PLEASE!!!

  32. Saangi says:

    Don’t worry, I won’t. Wait till you read the rest of the books, though. They just get better and better!

  33. RAT says:

    you should write anothe seiries about uncle press’s advetures

  34. brady says:

    I’d give up any book i’m reading to read this series

  35. LoorRocks101 says:

    @Rat It would be kinda of hard to write about Press’ adventures because you know what happens to him in the second book (I won’t say it because I don’t want to give it away to others who haven’t read it yet). It would be cool, but I think it would just confuse the readers. That would have been a good idea if it was written BEFORE the Pendragon books, though.

  36. LoorRocks101 says:

    @brady OMG! I TOTALLY agree!!! 🙂

  37. LoorRocks101 says:

    @Saangi That is what my friend says. She is on the tenth one and she absolutely LOVES them; so does everyone else in my grade. Practically EVERY girl in my grade has read the books or is reading them now. 😀

  38. Saangi says:

    Yeah, what’s not to love about Pendragon? And I agree, I’d put down any book to crack open a Pendragon (even IF I’ve read them numerous times) 😛

  39. LoorRocks101 says:

    @Saangi Yeah I know. One of my friends stopped reading the Pendragon books because she “claims” she found a better book. I was like, “Are you kidding me?!”. And then I stared at her like she was an alien from another planet.

  40. Saangi says:

    I agree with you! Hey, do you like this short poem I wrote up about Press? It’s sort of written to Bobby about his uncle. I just randomly felt like writing and a poem and just had to go with Press 😛


    A friend and guardian to all,
    When trouble is at hand, he’ll answer the call,
    For he sees no problems, only challenges,
    Believe in him and all he speaks,
    For come one day, you’ll meet him again,
    He won’t break a promise, and won’t let you down,
    He’s watching you always, so have no fear,
    He’s trained you for struggles ahead,
    A long and difficult road, you’ll walk,
    So keep his image alive, and never forget
    That this the way it was meant to be.

  41. IvantheAwesome says:

    OMG ! i finished the series twice already, but like bobby i have so many questions! if D.J is here, my question is, the ending makes no sense! what time is it set in and whats the scenario?!! was this what would have happened if life continued normally for bobby?

  42. LoorRocks101 says:

    @Saangi OMG that is amazing! Do you mind if I show me friend? She will LOVE it!! 🙂

  43. Saangi says:

    LoorRocks101: Thank you! 🙂

    Yeah, go for it. I don’t mind.

  44. LoorRocks101 says:

    That is really good! Do you always write poems?

  45. Saangi says:

    I don’t usually write poetry, but I love writing in general. And I thought it would be fun to write a Pendragon poem. Maybe I’ll even write a poem for each of the characters and make a kind of poetry book. I know some people aren’t big on poetry, but it sure is fun when you’re writing about something you love.

    And thanks again! Glad you enjoyed it.

  46. liv says:

    Man i havent been on here in 4ever!!!!!!!!! Sooo HELLO EVERYONE again!!!! i think no bullying week is awesome i see sooo many people getting bullied and i hate it!!!! 🙁

  47. liv says:

    Opps no name calling week sorry

  48. LoorRocks101 says:

    @Saangi Yeah same. I LOVE to write. I am writing a book right now! I don’t know how good the actual writing is, but I REALLY like the story line. I think this book is going to be one of my better ones.

  49. Chad says:

    Far out

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