Podcast from Miami International Book Fair

Here’s a link to an interview I did from the Miami International Book Fair.


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14 Comments on “Podcast from Miami International Book Fair”

  1. Julia says:

    Very cool, D.J.! I love how you’re so opposed to spoiler alerts, lol :p

  2. austin says:

    your books are awsome

  3. veelox0 says:

    I just love pod

  4. veelox0 says:

    Sorry it Got cut off I meant to say I just love podcasts :p

  5. D.J Machale says:


  6. Big Mac says:


  7. Mac says:

    You all rock!

  8. MacFadden says:

    Why do you all have “Mac” in your names?

  9. Mac Mane says:

    Because were gay!!

  10. Mac l says:

    Im Bi

  11. Mac 8===D says:

    Stop being weird this is a site for pendragon, Moreoheous road, etc readers.

  12. Mac eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:


  13. Black Water says:

    that’s just weird.

  14. Himanshu says:

    Thank you, Professor Pigden. This only proves what I have long known: If you are pzlzued, and want a real answer, ask a philosopher! Now I need to write a science fiction story about a world in which the thoroughgoing causal determination of phenomena is compatible with the moral freedom of noumenal selves in themselves. Maybe we have hit upon what to do with unemployed holders of doctorates in Philosophy.

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