SURPRISE! Title and cover of SYLO #2

It was a surprise to me too. Unbeknownst (I love that word) to everyone I’ve spoken to, (meaning, nobody will admit to who did it) the cover for SYLO #2 has been released in cyber space. Oops. SYLO #1 hasn’t even been published yet! Ahhhhhh! Okay, I’m over it. So, here it is, with little (or no, actually) fanfare, build-up, or teasing, is the title and cover for the second book of The SYLO Chronicles.


STORM will be published in March, so forget all about this and go read the first book…as soon as it comes out. Sheesh.

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3 Comments on “SURPRISE! Title and cover of SYLO #2”

  1. Sherry Englert says:

    I am so glad I only have to wait til March for Storm to come out I devoured SYLO in one 24 hour period as I did the Pendragon and Morpheus Road series. Keep them coming and know you have a lot of fans!

  2. Dustin Fain says:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with all of your books. They have been there for me through everything. When i have a bad day at school it always helps to know that i can come home, grab some coffee, turn out the lights, hit the lamp, and curl up with my blanket and get sucked into the flume with Bobby, or go on a chilling adventure with Marshall and Cooper, or, most recently, discover a secret agency in the government known as SYLO. There is something for every kind of reader. My personal wish is that you would go back and write a story about Uncle Press in Pendragon, or Osa or explain what happened with the big gap between the end of Saint Dane up until Bobby is in the hospial. Pendragon was my favorite series, BY FAR. Of course, that doesnt mean i dont like your other books. They are totally amazing also. And one other thing, please explain the very end of Pendragon. Who is the man that gives Bobby the journals and what does it all mean. Ive read that part so many times over and over and i never seem to fully understand it. Its bugged me ever since i got to that amazing ending. Sorry for any spoilers. If anyone can comment and help me out, please do. Thank you, Mr. Machale. Please never stop writing. You are one of the greatest authors I know .Please keep them coming.

  3. Trevor smith says:

    Hey Dustin, if you are looking at this, an not to give spoilers to anyone who hasn’t read the series or is not finished with it, I just finished pendragon too, and the ending confused me too, so I went and found Dj’s email and emailed him to ask him about it. The person at the end that have bobby his journals, by the description he gave in the book I thought it was press, but I wasn’t sure about it so I sent him that email and asked him about it and he said it was press. So if that help any I appreciate helping or if you want more info or want to ask him questions his email is: djmac@djmachalebooks.com.

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