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The SYLO Chronicles #3

Here we go.  With a little over a month to go before the publication of The SYLO Chronicles #2: STORM, here is the cover for the final chapter in The SYLO Chronicles.  Publication is set for November 2014.

Strike Final

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SYLO book trailer

Here’s the new SYLO book trailer.  Let me know what you think.



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Classroom Skype visits

My publisher, Penguin, has a system where teachers can set up Skype sessions with their favorite Pendragon authors.  If your teacher is interested in having one of us pay a visit (electronically), check this out.



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Entertainment Weekly ( has just posted a major excerpt of SYLO on their website.  The first eight (!) chapters.  So if you want a little taste of the story, go to:

I’m not sure how long it’s going to be up, so don’t delay.

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They’re baaack….

By overwhelming, popular demand, after a four year (?) hiatus, the forums are back.  Here is the place to discuss my books, add fan art, fan fiction, or talk about anything you’d like.  The original “Pendragon Forums” were incredibly popular but I eventually had to shut them down because they got a little too crazy.  It was a place where many people came and eventually we created a small community.  Hopefully we can re-capture that magic.

There is only one thing I’d like to ask of everyone…be respectful of others and of the forums.  People of all ages will be posting and reading the comments so please use common sense before posting something inappropriate.

AND…be sure to mark all spoilers.  That’s huge.  With the Pendragon books, I added a different thread for each book, just as it was in the very beginning with the original forums.  So if you’ve only read through the first couple of books, you might not want to jump ahead to threads on the later books.  Just sayin’.  The same applies for Morpheus Road.  Try not to post spoilers from “The Blood” in the thread about “The Light”.  Duh.

I’ve also started a thread about SYLO.  Muhahaha!  As we get closer to publication, I’ll post some tidbits about the book in there.

There are also sections for FANART and FANFICTION.  The fanfiction from the old Pendragon forums was awesome.  I hope that happens again.  One word of advice…back-up whatever you write.

And of course, there is another GENERAL COMMENTS section.  This is the place to talk about anything and everything.  This was the most popular section of the previous forums and I expect it will be here as well.  Again, write what you’d like but always be respectful.

In order to post on the forums, you will have to sign up.  It’s very easy.  This is for security purposes only.  Trust me, I am not making lists of everybody’s names that I can use for some nefarious purpose.  The information you give to sign up here, stays here.  Those who have signed up before, and the thousands of people who have e-mailed me over the years know that I do not store that information to then use for marketing purposes.  I think that’s cheesy, so I have never done it and won’t ever do it.

I think that’s it.  I hope we can all recapture a little bit of the magic that we once had.  Fingers crossed.

Have fun!

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Morpheus Road “The Blood” now out in paperback!

Marsh and Cooper’s journey along the Morpheus Road now ends…in paperback!


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New and improved site

It’s been a long time since we updated the site, so here it is. There’s still some tweaking to be done, and the biggest change is yet to come because…I’m re-opening the forums.

I’m open to suggestions as to what the topics should be. There will definitely be a spot for each book series, as well as a section for fan fiction and maybe fan art. And of course there will be another General Comments section. Hopefully we’ll get back some of our old members!

I wish we had never taken down the old forums, but it had gotten way out of hand. To try and keep it a bit more under control this time, I’m going to be using multiple mods. I know a lot of you guys have expressed interest, so if you’re up for it, e-mail me. I’ll keep your e-mail and then write back when the forums are ready to launch. Sound good?

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Planning the SYLO tour.

TOURING UPDATE – My new book SYLO will be published on July 2nd and I’ll be making a few store visits then.  However, I won’t be going on an official tour until September once schools are back in session.  (Normally I visit a few schools during the day and then hold an event at a store in that same town that evening)  Right now we’re putting together the list of possible cities and stores and festivals.  Naturally we’ll be looking real hard at the many wonderful stores who have put on great events in the past.

HOWEVER…I thought it might be fun to put it out there to you guys as well.  I always get requests from readers to come to their town, but it’s usually not possible unless it fits into existing tour plans.  Well, we’re making those plans now!   Maybe there’s a city I haven’t visited and a store that we haven’t thought of.  Who knows?  If we get enough requests, maybe we can put your local store on the schedule.  Of course there are no guarantees because putting together a tour is like piecing together a puzzle with moving parts, but you never know.  Suggest a store and tell me why we should put your town on the list.  It could be a place I’ve been to before, or not.

Every so often it’s worked out for me to visit a store based on a request.  I thought it would be fun to put it out there early this time and see what comes back.  You can either post here…or send me an e-mail.  Good luck!

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Song inspired by Morpheus Road: The Light

These are the lyrics to a song that Hannah wrote that was inspired by Morpheus Road:  The Light.


The nightmare begins,
The dead are now calling.
Here come the winds,
Your sanity is falling.
The blood has been spilt,
The crucible is broken.
You’re drowning in guilt,
Your fears have been woken.

Arise, arise! The dead come to play
Arise, arise! Night overcomes day
To die in the black? Or to live in the light?
To run and to hide? Or to stand up and fight?
The choice is now yours, to keep your mind closed.
Or to join your friend, along the Morpheus Road.

The hunting begins,
The demon is calling.
Here come the winds,
Your sanity is dying.
The reality you built,
Is shattered and broken.
You’ll sink deeper in guilt,
Once the demon has spoken

Arise, arise! The dead have been called.
Arise, arise! To death will you all!
To die in the black? Or to live in the light?
To run and to hide? Or to stand up and fight?
The choice is now yours; will your sanity hold?
Or will you join your friend, along the Morpheus Road?

You’re haunted within,
Your mind has been broken.
Let the killing begin,
Of loved ones unspoken.
The choice shall be yours, as the story unfolds.
Or walk with your friend, along the Morpheus Road

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New addition!

Those who have read my author’s bio may have noticed a recent deletion. After nearly 15 years, we lost our golden girl, Maggie. If you’ve ever lost a dog, you know how tough that is. Now, a year later, we decided that we were ready to go for it again. And so meet…Casey. I’m sure she’ll turn up as a dog character in one of my stories at any moment (I had Maggie in mind when I wrote about Bobby Pendragon’s dog, Marley.)

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