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Writing on the Sidewalk – Interview

Here’s a link to an interview I did for the Writing on the Sidewalk blog. Thanks Suzanne!

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Dark? Interview

Here’s a link to an interview I did about “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and of course, my books.

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Encyclopedia Brown

Sorry to hear about the passing of Donald J. Sobol who wrote the Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective books.  They are awesome early-reader books with great mysteries that challenge you to solve them.  The first TV series I wrote was based on those characters.  I never met Mr. Sobol, unfortunately.  Readers and mystery-lovers everywhere owe him a debt of gratitude.

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Shannon has moved from the Morpheus Road to Pendragon…with Bobby through a flume.

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Shannnon’s latest…

Here’s another illustration by Shannon depicting Marsh and Cooper. (When he is alive, she pointed out) Not sure I get the whole “Brony” thing but that’s just me.


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Follow up story on William’s wild water ride.

I did an interview with the Seattle Times reporter who did the original story on William’s adventure. And here it is…

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Wow! Check this out…

Follow the link below to a news story in the Seattle Times.

As someone who writes for kids, I often get push-back from various studios/networks/publishers etc. who are worried about my putting things in shows/books that kids might imitate at home and get in trouble. Or hurt themselves. (For 91 episodes of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” we never saw anybody strike a match to light that campfire) So…it’s nice to see that it can work the other way too. Nice work, William. Glad you’re okay.

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At long last…news of the new series

I’ve been teasing this for a while, now it’s time to make it official. Here’s a little bit of news about the new series that will be coming after Morpheus Road.

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Interview about writing for books vs. TV

This is a link to an interview I did with Jennifer Pun at the L.A. Times Festival of Books. She’s writes for a terrific new blog: “Thinking to Inking” that is all about writing. Check it out!

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And so it begins…and ends

The final book of the Morpheus Road trilogy publishes tomorrow…March 27th. Yay! So the tour begins, and the saga of Marsh and Cooper concludes.

The first public stop on “The Blood” tour will be Wednesday March 28th at The Reading Bug in San Carlos, CA.


I’m going to be visiting a bunch of schools around San Francisco this week as well. Can’t wait!

Check the “appearance” page to see if I’ll be appearing anywhere near you. Not all of the events are listed yet so check back every so often. Also, I’ll try to record more videos on VYou during the tour:

Hope to see lots of you guys over the next few weeks!

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