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While visiting so many schools and bookstores, many of the same questions pop up.  One of them is about what my favorite Pendragon book is.  Since it’s been asked so many times, I thought I’d answer that here.

Looking at it one way, I don’t have a favorite because they all seem like different chapters in one big story.  But I can come up with a few that stand out for different reasons.  The book that was the most fun to write was “The Never War” because I loved going back into real history and doing the research about a time and place that fascinate me.   The book that was the most difficult to write was  “The Quillan Games”.  Coming up with all of those wild games, creating the rules, and then having Bobby play them was grueling.  I certainly don’t have a LEAST favorite book, though I can say that my least favorite cover was the one I call:  “Bobby the Blue-Eyed Reindeer”.   Yeesh.

But favorite book?  Now that they’re all complete and I can look back on the whole story, I guess maybe there is one that stands out.  I think I like it because it had a little bit of all the books in it and it tied up the whole story in a way that I had always planned on, but was never sure that it would actually work.  The fact that it did work is very satisfying.  There were a few scenes in that book (I won’t mention them here because I don’t want to write spoilers) that actually get me choked up.  More than a few scenes.  It was an incredibly rewarding experience to tie together all the loose ends, answer all the questions, and complete an epic story.  So under pressure, I would have to say that my favorite Pendragon book is The Soldiers of Halla.

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  1. Bailey says:

    Definitely The Soldiers Of Halla. I swear, I cried at the end. I just don’t like it when my favorite series ends. This is seriously my all time fave series!!!

  2. Bailey says:

    Oh, and i think it’s the fastest I’ve finished a loong series before 😉 In the middle of this fantastic series, i read The first Morpheus Road (My mom couldn’t find the others) Can’t wait to start the next book in that series!! 😀 So excited.

  3. Gunny says:

    Probably the fifth book, Black Water. But all of them were awesome. Morpheus Road is kinda creepy but i cant wait for the last one to come out! When I’m doing nothing I bring out my collection of Pendragon books and read ’em all over again(finally convinced my mom to buy the whole series *yes!*)

    Hobey Ho!

  4. Emily says:

    Oh wow, is there an all of the above option? I adore this series, to the point where I re-read them over and over again.
    But there is one thing that has always grabbed my attention in fiction series and especially in Pendragon, how do you come up with the territory names?

  5. Phader 11 says:

    mine is probably the reality bug, because it’s the only book that fully takes place in a more advanced world than second earth. I don’t count the warped and twisted third earth.

  6. Hallaman10 says:

    You mean the one in 9-10 or the origional becuase that wasnt twisted it was what I pray were able to make the world into by that time.

  7. rokador27 says:

    my favorite book is probly 6 because of all the intensity and all but im only on book 7 dieing to get to 10

  8. rokador27 says:

    P.S I LOVE THIS SERIES! I CANT WAIT TO FINISH 7 8 9 AND 10 from what ive heard 10 is the best so im trying not to reed spoilers!

  9. Traveler101 says:

    I read the series last year and now I’m competing with my friend (who also read it with last year) on who can finish it first. We only just started this challenge this week, so we’re only on book 1 and 2. But as i was rereading the books, I realized there was alot of stuff in their before that I never thought of. Also, the books (especially the last one really made me think. My friend and I started talking about the one thing of the 10th book, and by the end of the class period were on really deep stuff.) It is my all time favorite series. Its the best and I’m glad I’m rereading it.
    Thanks D.J. MacHale for writing the series.

  10. Traveler101 says:

    I wrote the comment at 3:56pm not 7:56pm. I’m weird like that, but we’re all weird. No such thing as normal.

  11. PressGunny2 says:

    I did the same exact thing. My friend and I started on Tuesday; she’s on 1 and I’m on 2. To make it even stanger, last year we both read them for the first time, and one day in Study Hall she asked how I thought D. J. came up with the name Pendragon and we ended the period with “the true reason behind life”…That is so weird.

    By the way, now that I’m rereading it, I found there were so many jokes in the first one that I never got before, Press especially…and Saint Dane; even Osa.

  12. Pendragon LOVER :D says:

    I love all the books, they are all my favorite books. If i had to choose one, it would probably the last book, the soldiers of halla, it is so suspensefull.

  13. Traveler101 says:

    yeah, there were many jokes that some of then that I didn’t get or understand until some books that I read later.

  14. Zadaa Ghee says:

    My favorite Pendragon book is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . no clue . . . . I think I can say is my least favorite is The Never War, since it’s one of just two sitting in my bookshelf right now, and I really like rereading The Quillan Games, but it ties with The Rivers of Zadaa (huge surprise, right??) and The Lost City of Faar.

  15. Olivia says:

    Pendragon is the best book of all time. If I ahd to choose which book is the best in my opinion it would be the Rivers of Zadaa, and The Quillian games, and well, all of them. I don’t have a favorite. I just love them all. Forget all those wands and magic rings, Pendragon is the best of all times.
    Hobey Ho!

  16. Loor18 says:

    I really don’t know i think they are all pretty god but i have only read the first 4.

  17. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    i don’t know all of them are so good. I’m on Raven Rise right now and it’s very good. But I think my favorite would have to be THe rivers of zadaa or the pilgrims of rayne

  18. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    How Come this series isn’t very popular i mean seriously it’s better than the hunger games so it should be way more popular. We should all recommend this book to everyone.!!!!!! START RECOMMENDING!

  19. Pendragon Rocks!! GT18 says:

    we so should do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    Pendragon Rocks!!GT18
    I know right. GO PENDRAGON!

  21. Kyle says:

    I keep typing in the old forum url just because, good times were had there.

  22. link says:

    i love book two so far its alintises with i twist

  23. link says:

    lost city of faar i am only on book 5 but still i like that one the best

  24. Black Water says:

    I like lost city of faar and the Quillan Games….
    the games are just so horrible!

  25. Black Water says:

    I like raven rise too. the second i sw the the star flags on the cover i went “Oh my God, its the flume star!”

  26. Black Water says:

    How come this seires isn’t as popular as, like, harry potter? its definatly better than the hunger games.

  27. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    Black Water
    I totally agree with you it should be way more popular. That’s why it’s our job as readers to reccomend it to everyone. Also my favorite Pendragon book right now would have to be either book 2, 6, 8, or 9 i can’t decide hahaha!

  28. Warriorlikeloor18 says:

    I really don’t have a favorite book because they are all amazing so I can’t really say much.

  29. Warriorlikeloor18 says:

    It ur pal but I agree with you and black water. Do you mind if I join your peoples conversation?

  30. Warriorlikeloor18 says:

    How do u change ur picture I can’t figure it out

  31. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    you have to make a gravitar account at gravitar.org or .com i’m not sure but then you just add a picture

  32. FoxTrot31597 says:

    I always like the first and last books in a series. The first is fascinating because it introduces a completely new concept that neither the character nor the reader know about. The last ties everything from the series together and in the case of The Soldiers Of Halla, adds a huge element of suspense and ends the plot wonderfully. However, this series is an exception. Every single book in Pendragon is outstanding in its own way and it’s really hard for one to stand out (in a good way).

  33. justagar236 says:

    It took me forever to choose which is my favorite because they’re all fantastic, but I would have to say Black Water. Probably because of the action and black water itself, and the fact that everybody helps out and just the territory itself! I’m on the last one and they are all sooooo good! People who say Hunger Games are good don’t know what they’re missing!

  34. Spader37 says:

    My favorite book so far is The Never War but I don’t get why it’s called that.

  35. Traveler in the shadows says:

    I LOOOOVE these books!! D. J. MacHale!! Im on book eight: The Pilgrims of Rayne. I started this series this last school year and Im hooked. And to all you Pendragon fans I confess that I used to not really like Courtney and was happy when Bobby got to spend time with Loor. I liked her better. :$

  36. Traveler in the shadows says:

    But anyway, sometimes I wish these books were true stories only cuase I want to meet the people. Plus I think it would be kind of cool to be a traveler. 🙂

  37. Siry says:

    I just finished “The Soldiers of Halla” today!!! I loved it! Actually, I loved the whole series, which isn’t that hard to do! I love the way that Bobby writes his journals and I’m sad that it’s over. I was in tears the whole time while reading the last 50 or so pages. I could barely see what I was reading through the tears.

  38. Aja125 says:

    My favorite book by-far is the Soldiers of Halla…. until the end. I totally understand the ending and why it happened that way, but every time I read it I find myself wishing it had ended a different way. For one point, why take away their memories of the entire ordeal? They had worked so hard to defeat Saint Dane and now they have no memories of the struggle. I also understand that they will get these memories back when they return to Solara, but what’s the point? One more thing, I personally think another good ending would have been if the travelers (and Acolytes) had each been sent back to their own territories to aid in the redemption of Halla. I guess I’m saying I would have enjoyed the final book more if it had a different ending.
    Overall I love all of the books! I am also sad that Bobby’s journey is over but glad that I decided to pick up the first book and start reading. Hobey-Ho!

  39. MarkDimondrocks says:

    I love all the books! I also like the hunger games but this beats it by a ton! I love pendragon. There’s a guy a grade above me that I talk about books to on the bus ride home in the school year. I read the whole series but still don’t own it all. It’s on my b-day wish list and I hope I get it all! I couldn’t pick my favorite book. I’m on Pendragon the travelers: before the war. D.J is insanely creative and I can’t start to imagine where he gets some names. I think he should direct the movies. Shouldn’t be a tv show and each book should have its own movie.

  40. MarkDimondrocks says:

    I choked up so many times it’s impossible to count and I cried a ton too. I sometimes imagine someday I’ll do a journey to the center of the earth thingy but try and find the flume. I also imagine that I meet the characters. IT’S AWESOME.
    All in favor of going against ravinia say I!

  41. David says:

    Okay… so this question is for D.J.

    I have been wondering when you will make another appearance in Chicago. I have two books and a nook and I was wondering if you could sign them. My teacher is the one that got me into reading your books! So I wanted you to sign those things so I could give my teacher one of the books with you signature on it!!!!

    Please try to make an appearance as soon as you can!!!!!

    ~Awesome man 24

    (A.K.A. Pendragon Lover 24!!!)

  42. Pendragon00 says:

    I for one, have been reading the books since 2006 and I adore the them. I’d say my favorite book would be The Lost City of Faar. Theres just something about it that i find magical, not to mention it’s where Spader is first brought up and you cant help but love the guy xD

  43. B. Pendragon says:

    Soldiers of Halla!

  44. ThatEpicKlee says:

    My favorite is probably either #5, #8, #9, #10, and I like Spader’s POV in Before the War.

  45. Bobby says:

    Soldairs of Halla. But i also likes the first book cause it was the beginning!

  46. Bobby says:

    The Never War..Splendid…Anyways D Whole Series Was Awesome..! <3

  47. Courtney Chetwynde says:

    I can’t choose a favorite!!! They are all amazing! This series changed my life! I love these books more than Harry Potter (and I love Harry Potter). I can connect with these books so easily and can picture myself on the adventure through Halla with Bobby Pendragon! Bobby Pendragon will always be my one true love! <3 Thank you D.J. Machale for writting a book series I will treasure forever. Thank you for giving me an escape.

  48. Zeren 11th traveler says:

    I would say that the never war and rivers of zadaa would be my choice. And Bobby really did look like a blue eyed reindeer! I wish I could meet you in person and love all the Pendragon books. The thing I love most about your series is that there are so many ways to continue the story things can surprise you so much. Thank you.
    Hobey Ho, let’s go!

  49. Jalen says:

    please make a movie that would be the sweetest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. BobbyPendragon1059 says:

    This is a great adventure story and i have to say that the Solders of Halla is definetly the best book i cried. But i have to say i dont like the very end when Uncle Press gave bobby (or Robert) the journals and he didnt remember him. I think it would be good to explain what Uncle Press meant by what they can do in afterlife

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