Morpheus Road takes place in Stony Brook Connecticut

If you’ve read the excerpt from The Light, you’ll know that I’ve set the action of Morpheus Road in Bobby Pendragon’s hometown of Stony Brook.  Basically, I did it for fun.    Pendragon readers will (hopefully) remember many of the places that Marshall and his friends go to from Bobby’s story.  It was fun for me to re-visit that town, though technically it was re-re-visiting because I based Stony Brook on my hometown of Greenwich, CT.  (And yes, though the original Garden Poultry doesn’t exist anymore on “The Ave”, there is another one open in Old Greenwich so you can still get those great fries.)

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185 Comments on “Morpheus Road takes place in Stony Brook Connecticut”

  1. bri says:

    Prince of Persia is awesome.

  2. bri says:

    totally awesome.

  3. Walter says:

    I noticed that and it was like WTH? So, I am still not clear on the ending of The Soldiers of Halla. So it was all a made up story? Cuz if so, that is whack.

  4. bri says:

    no it was not.

  5. britt says:

    i havent seen prince of persia yet. who saw vampires suck!

  6. bri says:

    i haven’t. i’ve heard that it has some bad things in it. who know what i mean?

  7. britt says:

    yes cuase we didnt relize it would have that much bad stuff and at the end i didnt relize ehat was happening till i saw it and it was scary in and innaproprite but besides the un- aprroprite stuff it was hilarous!

  8. bri says:

    still. i don’t want to see it.

  9. britt says:

    yeah if i would have known more bout it i wouldnt have watched so yeaahh.pizza fried steak turkey chicken leg macaronis

  10. Lead Traveler says:

    what? what are you guys talking about?!

  11. bri says:

    i don’t know what britt is talking about, but we were talking about this bad, but funny show called Vampires suck.

  12. britt says:

    i guess i got bored cuase i barley remember writing that…

  13. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:


  14. britt says:


  15. Sandra says:

    Ello! 😛

  16. i will be a Traveler says:

    (random tune)

    Person 1: ‘Ello!
    Person 2: ‘Ello!
    Person 1: How are you today, oh?!

  17. Twig says:

    Pendragon would make such an epic film series! Hope we get to see your amazing books on the big screen someday ^ . ^

    *Hobey-ho, keeping my fingers crossed!*

  18. britt says:

    i finnaly saw prince of persia last week it was awesome!!

  19. Bobby Pendragon says:

    you spelled finally wrong

  20. Lead Traveler says:

    prince of persia was pretty good.

  21. Robert Pendragon says:

    How am I already here?! Imposter!

  22. J says:

    I noticed that and it made me excited

  23. St Eleanor says:

    Met The Author 🙂 !!!!

  24. Kasha Dimond says:

    I have no idea what anyones talking about but im gonna go for some more chocolate

  25. Logan says:

    You should make a movie or TV series from your Pendragon books!

  26. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    is the morpheus road series good i’ve read pendragon so should i read that one

  27. r says:

    @CoutneyChetwynde13 yes morpheus road is great almost as good as pendragon I think.

  28. Halla333 says:

    I finished the eighth book of pendragon a loooooong time ago but i cant find the last two! And i dont want 2 read Morpheus Road until ive finished pendragon. Anyone have the same problem? or an idea?

  29. tidus says:

    @Halla333 if you have an ipod touch or ipad you could always buy them off the app store (they’re very reasonably priced.) If not, amazon.com probably has some good deals.

  30. MarkDimondrocks says:

    Im in the beginning of Morpheus road and whenever they bring things up from Pendragon all the memories come flooding back at once and I want to burst out in tears

  31. marshallseaver says:

    I just finished reading the final book of the morpheus road series. I have been with D.J. Since the Merchant of Death and i love his books. “The Blood” was incredible. For all the pendragon readers out there who havnt read morpheus road i would strongly suggest it. The Ending to the blood will blow any pendragon fan’s mind. Just make sure you finish pendragon first.

  32. Jared says:

    I think that the first book of Morpheus road was great any one know we’re u can get the other two

  33. solara says:

    morpheus road is amazing i just finished today and the blood left me speechless

  34. jasmine says:

    the blood is amazing i haven’t finished it yet but i love it soooooooo much i think it is my favorite it is leaving me speachless as well

  35. Sep says:

    Just started The Light and finished it in 2 days! Amazing book

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