The website was down for a while and it was all my fault.

I went to the admin page to do some maintenance and saw a “pop-up” that said something like:  “Upgrade to newest version of software” for the website.   So, I hit the button to upgrade…and the place blew up.  Luckily it was an easy fix and guys smarter than me got it all back on track.  Guess I won’t be hitting any buttons anymore.

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139 Comments on “Oops…”

  1. Eli says:

    Hey D.J.,
    I don’t know if you saw my last question on the other post, but I was wondering…Out of the two series that you have written, which one would you like to see made into a movie??
    (Just curious)

  2. Brittany says:

    Heehee. Glad no major damage was done.

  3. Andrei says:

    Oh boy, I am embarrassed to admit that I have done that one more than one occasion and it sucks. Haha happens to the best of us I suppose, glad you got everything back on track. YAY for computer ner–I mean *ahem* Tech’s! (:

  4. Loor says:

    i hate when my computer does that

    how long did it take anyone to finish pendragon if you read it
    it only took me 2 months 4 weeks with out time between getting books

  5. D.J. MacHale says:

    As for movies, it wouldn’t matter to me, so long as they were done right.

  6. Loor says:

    i think it would probably easier to do MR considering it being a trilogy so actors would not get to lold before all were done

  7. liv says:

    i waz wondering about that i waz on at the time and then it said sound about no signal and the first thing that came to my mind was what did i do????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? glad it waznt my fault though and that its back on track

  8. Alder = Me Happy says:

    Morpheus Road would prbably be a lot easier. I mean you don’t have to create “crystal tunnels of light and music,” like you would if you were making Pendragon. There would also be no quigs. (well, the snake quigs on Zadaa would be easy, and so would the human quigs on Eelong. But you get my point.) And how would you create Solara? or the “messed up” Third Earth, because last time I checked, no one was planning to go rip apart New York City.

  9. liv says:

    yeah there are certain problems

  10. Alder = Me Happy says:

    anyways, books are always WAAAYYY better than the movies they make based on them. This is super random, but, I’ve watched this move (names not popping into my head right now,) thats a total rip off of Pendragon. At the begining, three people that are trying to find the same thing that the main character is trying to find, (to use for bad) and they turn into ravens (RAVENS!!) and attack the main character!! He also travels with a ring he has that travels through time!! Oh and not to mention the three evil guys eyes are how I picture Saint Dane’s eyes being (peircing blue) and they can turn into other people. They might as well have asked DJ Machale to make a Pendragon movie, and adjusted the script a bit!!!

  11. liv says:

    yeh i dont know about a movie maybe?

  12. Alder = Me Happy says:

    I just started blogging on this website a couple nights ago, and now I can’t stop. :^)

  13. bobbys soul mate says:

    (this is barley on topic) but have any of you guys read the “percy jackson” series then seen the movie. I almost pulled my hair out because it had nothing to do with the book. they might as well had made the movie about pretty princess ponies!

    I would rather them make a movie about the pendragon series.
    I am so excited, my mom is taking me to get “The Black” !!! YEAH!

  14. Steve says:

    there should be movies of these books, i really love reading the Pendragon books

  15. Steve says:

    These books are my favorite books. Although i have not yet finished reading them i do tend to continue until i read them all. Imagine movies of this story, i think that would e an very exciting movie. So far i have made it to book four if i have more free time i would be deeper into this book but im still in school reading books they provide for us to read everyday for test and things. I am hoping Author D.J. Machale is considering making a movie of this book 🙂

  16. bobbys soul mate says:

    grr! the library didnt have “The Black”. But i settled for the 1st and 2nd BTW book. Still, Im pretty angry.

    @Steve: I remember when I was on the 4th pendragon book.(sigh) those were the days. But know I’m done with the amazing series! (sob)

  17. Cloran Warrior says:

    I love re-reading Pendragon. Those books will never get old.

    I hope a movie will come soon. I hope it doesn’t happen years down the road when we’re all older.

  18. alysa zigelhofer says:

    OMG, i’m in the middle of the sixth book and i can not believe Courtney whats with her,and bobby to gess i thought they loved each other i guess i was wrong.
    i love your books though my favorite character by far is Loor though. The only problem is i have no one to talk to about them gosh. my favorite book is the second though.i read the first book and fell in love with the series. Thank you so much for writing the Pendragon books.bye.

    -p.s. Pendragon rules.:)

  19. Challenger Black says:

    My favourite is book of Pendragon #4, but I would kind of like to live on Eelong. Intelegent cats! Genious.

  20. Alder = Me Happy says:

    but Pendragon is TEN times better than it!!

    P.S to bobby’s soulmate:
    the reason you couldn’t find the black at the library is because the black dosn’t exist yet. It comes out April somthingth 2011. The first book is out though, and it’s called the light.

  21. bobbys soul mate says:

    OK, thanks Alder=me happy. the reason I thought that was because all these people in my school keep saying it was in our library.I feel so stupid right about now!

    (I also think that the Morpheous road great, but the Pendragon series is infiniti times better)

  22. Cloran Warrior says:

    Agreed. Nothing beats Pendragon!!

  23. Loor says:

    I completly agree that pendragon is 10 times better than MR but i still
    cant wait for the black to come out
    Ps black.Challanger tje 4th book is veelox not eelong

  24. Christian says:

    Hey, I have only read the first and am on the second book, but I was wondering if you are going to write a eleventh Pendragon book so far they are great 😀

  25. Loor says:

    No i. Dont think he is because i finished. All 10 and there is way it could continue

  26. Alder = Me Happy says:

    He ort of continued. I mean he wrote six before the war books that talk about the travelers lifes before they became travelers.

  27. Challenger Black says:

    To Loor:

    Yes, I know it where it takes place, I have read every pendragon there is. but i still want to live on eelong. (as a klee not a garr).

    Other: Yeah, sorry, there is no way he could write a 11th pendragon. Although, he could write a series about Saint Dane and Press Tilton. 😉

  28. Loor says:

    At. Challange black
    Sorry you just made it sound like that
    I think it would Be cool to be a klee
    but i would rather be a Ghee warrior like Loor
    She is awesome

  29. Loor says:

    have you ever thoght of having some kind of contest like mabey a writing contest
    And having the winner get to meet you or have you come to their svhool

  30. Christian says:

    Im with you on that one 😀 (Loor)

  31. Challenger Black says:

    Totaly! I’m an board with that.

    To Loor: Your right, it did sound like that.

  32. RashaSinno says:

    When will the equinox curiosity shop series be released??
    Been wondering for a long time but no one knows… =(

  33. Gaga says:

    I hope DJ replies to Rasha Sinno’s question above… I want to know…

  34. bobbys soul mate says:

    that would be toatally be awesome if D.J. came to my school. OMG, I had that same idea to,like the whole series could be like in Saint Dane’s or Press’s point of view. AAAAAWWWW, my dog ,Rosie,just came up to me and coked her head. Now she’s trying to lick my face.AAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  35. andy says:

    hey do how in the second book of pendragon, there’s a planet called cloral, there is really a place like that in the universe.
    there a exosolar( a planet that’s reloves around a star) planet called GJ1214b. it’s three wider as the earth and it aslo a waterlogged planet. it’s a candiate for floating cities and there be life there already. But the prolbem is that it can to 400f , but it aslo a very strong graity so the water doesn’t boil.

  36. D.J. MacHale says:

    Equinox has been put on the back burner for a while. I’ll be working on another trilogy after Morpheus is done…though I’m not revealing any details yet, other than to say I’ve already outlined all three books…and it’s going to be awesome! (If I do say so myself)

  37. Challenger Black says:

    Totaly dude! All of your books rock! Especialy pendragon, my favourite of all time book series. But Loor is right, you should have a wrighting contest.

  38. britt says:

    right nowmy kitten i scliming back and forth on my sholders trying to cullde my fqace she already nocked my glasses of twice

  39. britt says:

    and its ok dj no biggy. cant wait to read the rest of ur books

  40. Cloran Warrior says:

    That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned next, D.J. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be wicked.

  41. lauren says:

    These books are awesome!! I keep trying to get my friends to read them because they are the best! The tenth Pendragon book is my favorite. The Soldiers of Halla

  42. lauren says:

    I’m now reading the 5thPendragon book(Black Water) then I’ll read the 6th.Love them! They are so exciting that I rush through them, but this time I’m trying to read slowly.

  43. Loor says:

    ANyone who wants DJ to do writing contest say. I

  44. britt says:

    sounds fun soooo I I I

  45. Darcy says:

    Our school’s having a writing contest and I’m going to enter, the winner gets and ipod

  46. Loor says:

    DJ will you have a writing contest.

  47. Challenger Black says:

    Yeah, c’mon DJ, it’ll be fun!

  48. Cloran Warrior says:

    I think it’s a neat idea. I’m all for trying it out ^ ^

  49. DJ says:

    I think a writing contest would be a great idea, but the trouble is finding the time to read the entries! So…

  50. Alder = Me Happy says:

    Why does DJ always make apperances schools not in Portland OR? Because I know well….. like two people who read his books that would be really pleased about that.

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