The website was down for a while and it was all my fault.

I went to the admin page to do some maintenance and saw a “pop-up” that said something like:  “Upgrade to newest version of software” for the website.   So, I hit the button to upgrade…and the place blew up.  Luckily it was an easy fix and guys smarter than me got it all back on track.  Guess I won’t be hitting any buttons anymore.

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139 Comments on “Oops…”

  1. Loor says:

    @Alder=me happy what school do you go to because i used to live there

  2. D.J. MacHale says:

    WELL…I’ve actually been to Portland twice. AND…I think I may be getting back up there for The Black tour.

  3. Alder = Me Happy says:

    oh. sorry dj. YAY!!

  4. Alder = Me Happy says:

    oh to Loor:
    I go to A.C.M.A

  5. Loor says:

    I went to J. W

  6. Loor says:

    DJ have you ever been to buffalo. NY

  7. Alder = Me Happy says:

    has anyone read the secret series? The fourth book just came out. Thier super annoying, but I won’t say why, because you’ll need to read it to find out yourself. (If anyone actually got interetsed by this comment, the first book is called “the name of this book is secret.”)

  8. Alder = Me Happy says:

    Ohh ps Their annoying, but pretty good

  9. D.J. MacHale says:

    I’ve never been to Buffalo.

  10. saanji says:

    You should go there the kids at my school would like it alot

  11. elaine havili says:

    i seriously love ur books!!!!!!!!!i had to wrestle my older brother for the tenth book!!!!!and im twelve and he’s twenty!!!!!!!!!but im a rugby player,i can take him on.Thats how much we love your books!!!!it should become a movie!!!

  12. elaine havili says:

    and you should come to MY school!!!!!it’s Desert Ridge junior high!!!!in mesa, arizona!!!!!!!go rattlers!!!

  13. wayne says:

    Come to Louisiana!!

  14. wayne says:


  15. Grace says:

    I’d appreciate a visit to MI. But not to a school, I’m homeschooled. 🙂

  16. Eli says:

    Me too! 🙂

  17. Katelyn says:

    have u been 2 denver, co ?i go 2 merrill

  18. Darcy says:

    Come to UTAH!

  19. Loor says:

    Guys have any of you read eragon

  20. Spader is hot says:

    DJ, have you ever been to South Korea… i been there on vacation, and it is lovely (but Seoul is full of pollution… and smells like Kimchi)

  21. Spader is hot says:

    by the way, i have been reading other books waiting for either the mail (i ordered Morpheous Road), christmas (i hope that i got some books through the mail for christmas), or my parents are back from Florida (which is going to be… a week)

  22. Alder=Me Happy says:

    Dj, what school/ other place are you going in Portland for the morpheus road tour

  23. Alder=Me Happy says:

    I love the hunger games by Suzanne Collins!!! (sorry double post)

  24. Spader is hot says:

    i think that maybe DJ should have a Morpheus Road game, like the Pendragon games (sorry if i misspelled something, i am tired)

  25. andy says:


  26. Eli says:

    Yeah, I know! I’ve even seen a trailer for it. (Though I’m not sure if it was a fan-made trailer, or the actual movie trailer)

  27. andy says:

    i think it was problay a fan made one

  28. Challenger Black says:

    I’ve seen the trailers for Pendragon movies made by fans, they’re not bad

  29. Batu leader says:

    Yeah, they’re pretty decent. Imagine what a real trailer could be look. That’d be epic, seeing a real quig bear 😀

  30. Alder = Me Happy says:

    I feel like posting this:
    jedfur6t5tdyf rt540tygfhg;hrt85374 zidgieryut5746tgershbf.

  31. britt says:

    u should come to tahlequah oklahoma.just sayin!!! 😀

  32. britt says:

    some place close is good to!!!!

  33. Shereen says:

    who was that guy in the end of soilders of halla that brought the journals to bobby?

  34. Batu leader says:

    Uncle Press.

  35. Alder = Me Happy says:

    Was it really? I couldn’t figure that out. Mostly because “old bobby” didn’t recognize him. Wait now that I think about this, I feel dumb for not knowing. = )

  36. Darcy says:

    That’s the point, Bobby wasn’t supposed to remember any of it, that is the whole point of all the journals.

  37. andy says:

    well i think he got to do the four years of his traveler and uncle press didn’t show and he went to the game and he got to live those years of his life again and he totally forget bening a traveler in the first place!

  38. Hoyt says:

    DJ, I just re-read the series (Pendragon) and I just wanted to say that your books inspired me to be an author. Thank you so much for the joy, sadness, nervousness, and memories that comes from reading your books. They mean a lot to me and I will always be a fan of your books.

  39. Challenger Black says:

    I think it’s “Traveler Bobby” giving “old Bobby” the journals. Remember Uncle Press said that the planets had to play out the way they were ment too. So, yeah, andy is right.

  40. drew says:

    do u have any siblings

  41. D.J. MacHale says:

    Bobby DID recognize Uncle Press. It just didn’t make sense to him because Press was still young, so he figured it wasn’t him.

  42. Mozartghost's Ghost says:

    I bet you think Mozartghost is dead…Don’t you?
    I do.
    He hasn’t been on for like a month.
    I know because I read a lot of the old comments, and he hasn’t posted since October something.

  43. Mozartghost's Ghost says:

    So mutch for him.
    It is a pity because his posts were so funny and interesting.
    A lot more so than some of the OTHER peoples’.

    Dead dead dead,
    Mozartghost laid in bed,
    an anchor fell on his head.
    On his grave stone, here’s what It said:
    Heare lies Mozart Ghost.
    Dead dead dead.

  44. Challenger Black says:

    OH! Okay, I get it now. Thanks D.J.

  45. Spader is hot says:

    DJ, i really like how since you came back from vacation, that you post every four days or so. Do you keep track? If you could go anywhere for anything, where would it be, and why? i would choose to go to California and meet DJ MacHale in person… and not online through a comment. Good thing i really am going to do that this summer (please stay in California a few weeks after school ends, if you don’t, i won’t ever have another apportunity like this in my life (unless if i move there) if you don’t visit Syracuse)

  46. Erik says:

    Dj, you should come to iowa. It would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! :):):) My brother and I would come.

  47. A Name. says:

    Have you thought about making a Pendragon movie?
    I understand it would be costly but I mean have you atleast thought about it?

  48. Spinney cat! says:

    Hobey-ho! I’m all for a movie! 😀

  49. ??? says:

    OMG this is a scary amount of friend posts toward DJ…-_-,

  50. andy says:

    hey d.j what is your favourite pendragon book? and what are you doing after morpheus road?
    andy and tommy the cat

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