Pendragon Games

The Pendragon games on this site have been down for a long time. We’ve been looking in to why this has happened but we haven’t yet been able to figure it out.

However, you can still play all the games on the Yahoo site. Just go here:


And click on the “Pendragon” link. All the games are there!

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135 Comments on “Pendragon Games”

  1. bkb says:

    pretty blatant question dont u think?

  2. Alder = Me Happy says:

    DJ, I think you should make Morpheus Road games. Like try and avoid Gravedigger or something? ( I know, lame suggestion, but I bet you could think of something better.)

  3. Commander Master says:

    Got fifth comment.
    DJ, I have been looking everywhere on the web and I have asked you several times before, but no one seems to be answering me. I will ask again once more.
    Do you have any idea on the approximate release date or even release year of the upcoming “Equinox Curiosity Shop” series book 1? (I read it was going to be called “The Teller of Tales”)

  4. ILoveAWoman says:

    I love this really nice and gorgeous woman named Rasha Sinno…And I also love the morph. road trilogy… LOL
    I’m also curious about the equinox curiosity like Commander says up above… ROFL

  5. D.J. MacHale says:

    Equinox has been put on the back burner for a while. I’ll be writing another book series after Morpheus Road and before that…but I’m not giving up any info on the new series yet. (Other than it will be awesome!)

  6. saint dane says:

    hi mr. machale your pendragon series is great and your other books are good to

  7. edcccc says:

    I agree with saint dane (ha) ๐Ÿ˜€ I JUST finished the Pendragon books last night, and they are HONESTLY the BEST books I have EVER read in my life. I couldn’t put them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I own every single one and I love them !!!!!(: I’m going to read your Morpheus Road ones, they sound good too!!!!!!!! I didn’t know where else to put this comment, so I put it here, I had to tell you how much I love Pendragon. Just saying, haha. (:

  8. Ulitimate fan 101 says:

    No not really, and actually, blatant was used correctly in that sentence.

  9. Ulitimate fan 101 says:

    But not in your sentence.

  10. Swiffy says:

    I’d have to totally agree with edcccc. Both Pendragon and Morpheus Road are the greatest books ever written! They’re amazing! Haha, I hadn’t posted in a while and just wanted to express my love for MacHale books. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Spader is hot says:

    Ultimate Fan has returned! did you bring back motsart? if you didn’t, i will search you down and kill you!

    DJ, when i saw that Pendragon was on yahoo… i laughed like crazy. How could you get THAT on yahoo? since when was THAT on yahoo? how can you convince yahoo to get THAT on yahoo? Who made those games anyway? What was the system used to make them?

  12. Ulitimate fan 101 says:

    ………………anyways……………… you do know that is kind of very creepy, right.

  13. Spader is hot says:

    to my, if it isn’t MAJOR creepy (spiders are major creepy)… i laugh…

    and when i am not MAJOR hurt (falling off a diving board and hitting your head on the hard concrete is SUPER MAJOR on my list) i laugh…

    so i am a laughing-silly-cookoo-wannabe-author…

  14. Ulitimate fan 101 says:

    Major hurting could be something like, falling out of an airplane and hitting your body on the water, which technically, based on how high you were up, would be 10 times worse then concrete.

  15. saint dane says:

    hey dj im thinking about writing books and my friend does comics any tips plus im fixing to start college and get an english degree so ill take any help i can get

  16. AWESOME says:

    DJ!!!!!!!!!!! I like pie.

  17. DJ says:

    Saint Dane: My advice is to learn about everything you can…and then write about it. Anybody can learn how to write, the trick is to have something interesting to write about. Good luck!

  18. andy says:

    go to this website: wwwandyco-andy.blogspot.com

  19. school boy says:

    Hi D.J, i am doing a project for school and i need your address if possible. I understand if you cannot supply this information, but is their a way that I can send a letter to you. Thanks

  20. Challenger Black says:

    Hey, some of my friends and I got my friend to read the first Pendragon book. She read the first line and she said, “Is Pendragon gay?” Then we started freaking out at her yelling “NO HE IS NOT GAY! READ THE SECOND PAGE!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. D.J. MacHale says:

    You can write to me here:

    D.J. MacHale
    1600 Rosecrans Avenue
    Media Center – 4th Floor
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

  22. erik says:

    Awesome! can’t wait till those games get back up. at home I play them 24/7.

  23. saint dane says:

    ty dj i appreciate the advice

  24. Ulitimate fan 101 says:

    Challlenger Black,
    That’s kind of a weird thing to post.

  25. Sailor says:

    I agree with Ultimate fan.

  26. andy says:

    pendragon is my favourite series so i wouldn’t say that about him.

  27. Spader is hot says:

    My brother USED to think that Pendragon was a dragon made of pens that breathed ink, not fire. I kept on yelling at him saying “PENDRAGON IS NOT A DRAGON!!”, then in when he was in the middle of the second of the Percy Jackson (the sea of monsters), he stopped to get the first book of Pendragon (because we didn’t own it).

  28. Challenger Black says:

    I wasn’t the one to say that. It’s what my friend said it. Pendragon is absolutly the #1 best book series ever. I’ve asked for the whole series for christmas since I’ve only got them from my school’s library.

  29. Mozartghost's Ghost says:

    Speaking of dragons…
    Have you seen the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”?
    It’s way better than the book.
    They made Toothless a Night Fury instead of a Common Garden Dragon.
    And they changed some of the charachters.

  30. Spader is hot says:

    yeah, i have seen that movie… my favorite character is hiccup (i think the person that named him hiccuped instead of said his name)

    I think that Pendragon is the best series in the science fiction section

    the Percy Jackson series is the best series in the young-human-race-mythology fiction section….

    Sorry DJ, but it’s true, plus there is more science fiction then the section section Percy Jackons is in…

    That is also true!!

  31. Spader is hot says:

    have you guys heard of ELF YOURSELF? well, there is a website called http://www.elfyourself.com/ and you can elf yourself, or anything! i just elfed Bobby Pendragon (from the soldiers of halla) and it was ridiculas! he was doing the charlston, and he had such a straight face! i never thought an elf could have such a straight face!

  32. Ulitimate fan 101 says:

    I think that putting Hiccup into someone who is normal, was actually a great idea, not everyone gets what they want, and it showed more of the characteristics that he had.

  33. Spader is hot says:

    i am looking for elf items online… that i can get for christmas… and so far i got a good website!!

  34. Reuben Bigfan says:

    D.J. MacHale
    1600 Rosecrans Avenue
    Media Center รขโ‚ฌโ€œ 4th Floor
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
    Is this still your address

  35. S23 says:

    This must be his work office obviously…

  36. DJ says:

    Yes, that is my work address.

  37. TJ says:

    Out of all the Pendragon books I like The Quillan Games ,but it’s the only book I found a problem in. Before Bobby went to meet the entrusteis you said he changed his shirt. How is that possible with a loop?

  38. DJ says:


  39. SDRocks! says:

    Hi DJ! Can’t wait for the second MR book, and I lovelovelove PenDragon <3

    I have a question: Is there going to be a forum anymore for any of the books like you did for PenDragon?

  40. D.J. MacHale says:

    Probably not SKRocks. It was tough keeping up with all of those forums and the nasty stuff that so many people wrote. I think we’ll stick with this blog format…at least for a while.

  41. Hoyt says:

    DJ, I just re-read the tenth Pendragon for like the thousandth time and it amazes me how everything seems to come back around to the beginning. I’m positive nobody could have completed a story more perfectly. It makes me soo nostalgic and makes me think back to the first time I read the Merchant of Death, when Bobby made his first visit to the flume. Thank you so much for the memories you give people. Especially mine.


  42. Spader is hot says:

    DJ! I’m going to a balley (again)! It’s the “Nutcracker”, and last year I got a nutcracker on a horse (really rocks), and I had a good time. You wish you where here in Asia with me (I’m on vacation)!!

  43. andy says:

    i’m in vatican city right now! i’m in the world’s smallest country! it’s nice nad warm here! so you guys on new year!

  44. sleepyhollow says:

    i luv this series is d besss i mea i luv harry potter bt i seriously do not know wich is better

  45. andy says:

    hey guys. want do you want this year? i’m in rome now…

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