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I had a request to start a blog where you could weigh in on thoughts about a movie based on The Merchant of Death and to discuss casting. This isn’t to say that a movie is imminent. It isn’t. But I’m working with some folks to develop one now, so you never know. (Just don’t hold your breath!)

So, here’s the blog. Have fun.

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9,043 Comments on “Pendragon Movie Blog”

  1. Gunny says:

    OOC: What has something to do with that stuff?

  2. Tribbun and ribbon says:

    Sorry guys!! It’s been spring break plus it was snowy and the Internet was down and my wifi wasn’t working. Wooh. Back now! Even f I don’t post I do read your stories and chapters!

  3. Robert Pendragon says:

    OOC: I WAS RIGHT! I thought it had something to do with all of those things.

  4. Gunny says:

    OOC: Hello Tribbun!

  5. Nevva Winter says:

    I’m back
    Sorry guys 🙁 what’s up?

  6. Gunny says:

    OOC: Hello Nevva!

  7. Robert Pendragon says:

    OOC: The story slowed down and we need a Press to continue.

  8. Saint Dane says:

    I am confused. Did I kill Gunny and then disappear? Or am I still on Cloral?

  9. Jacob P. says:

    well, as uncle press could be Hugh Jackman; as bobby could be Logan Lerman; As mark could be someone; as saint dane could be Johnny depp; as courtney could be someone; and extras

  10. Gunny says:

    I look at Press, confused, and he laughs. I missed Press. His sense of humor always lightened my day. “Pretty lonely here, huh?” I joke. Then we both laugh hard. Just like before. “Let’s go help Bobby!” Press insists, becoming serious. Then using the power of Solora, we travel back to Second Earth.

  11. Gunny says:

    OOC: Come on guys! Don’t let this die!

  12. Robert Pendragon says:

    OOC: I posted 3 times and none of them showed up and where commented over…

  13. Robert Pendragon says:

    OOC: I replied to Saint Dane saying you escaped before he killed you, but it didn’t go through…

  14. Gunny says:

    OOC: I noticed that. I remember the conversation you were having then it was just…. gone. Weird? Hey does any else here make there own stories? I do.

  15. Robert Pendragon says:

    OOC: I am not very creative but I started the RP. That’s the closest I have gotten to making a story.

  16. Courtney Chetwynde says:

    hey are you guys signed up for the forum?

  17. Robert Pendragon says:

    OOC: The forum is open? I didn’t notice.

  18. Gunny says:

    OOC: The forum for the Rp?

  19. Saint Dane says:

    Yes, I tend to make up many stories. Some of them I write down. Only a few are related to Pendragon.
    @Robert Pendragon
    Thank you.

    Apologies for being away so long. If anyone wishes to take over the Saint Dane character for the RP, speak up. If you want to use this email and avatar please specify. The email I use for Saint Dane is not the one I use for Em, nor my real address.

  20. Saint Dane says:

    The forum for our RP is under “FanFiction”.

  21. Robert Pendragon says:

    OOC: or did you make another thread?

  22. Saint Dane says:

    I was speaking (er, typing? texting?) about the one you created.

  23. Gunny says:

    Saint Dane you won’t do the Rp anymore!

  24. Saint Dane says:

    I will continue until I find a successor.

  25. Gunny says:

    @Saint Dane

    Did you get bored of the Rp?

  26. Saint Dane says:

    No, just busy.

  27. Tribbun and ribbon says:


  28. Robert Pendragon says:

    The RP moved to http://djmachalebooks.com/forum/index.php?threads/alternate-ending.48/ so this is once again a movie blog that only us and a few new people visit.

  29. Ashley Leal says:

    I would love to be part of the Pendragon movies.

  30. Mychelle says:

    These books are so perfectly set up to be movies it would be insulting to them and the readers to Not make it a movie series.

  31. Gunny says:

    Hello guys I moved to the new blog.

  32. DADO MK II says:

    Hmm, i think the pendragon series would make for interesting movies, but they would have to be very careful with how they do it, i believe that they would have to stick very close to the story of each book and to make it near spot-on unlike the Eragon movie (which shouldnt exist imo),IF a movie gets made out of the series, i do not want to see it ruin a great series of books that i am currently re-reading

  33. Madison says:

    make a movie please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 11 years old. I love your books their awesome.

  34. Madison says:

    Who cares what Dado says. Make a movie of all of them. I loved Eragon movie and book. I also love Spader. He is my favorite charcter. So please make a movie!!!!!!!!! PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. emoboo says:

    They shouldntotally make a movie!!! the boy from jumper should play bobby, and emily browning should play courtney… idk about mark or saint dane

  36. Robert Pendragon says:

    Hey! Emoboo we already agreed on it needing original actors that had never been in anything else but Morgan Freeman would be Gunny.

  37. Nevva Winter says:

    Sorry I was really busy and I couldn’t come.I don’t know why but I couldn’t even enter the site.I thinks my computer has some problems.
    I agree that the movie should be made
    @Robert Pendragon
    yeah we need original actors but Logan Lerman would be amazing as Bobby sadly he’s already in Percy Jackson movies. 🙁 (he’s my favorite actor!)
    by the way Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters movie is coming out this august and I’m really excited but I wish it was the merchant of death movie coming out this summer
    we need a pendragon movie!!

  38. Phoenix says:

    I wish I could be Bobby!

  39. Robert Pendragon says:

    Nevva are you already on the forum? Saint Dane is waiting for you.

  40. Robert Pendragon says:

    I have been harvesting wild onions recently. I have never done this before and it seems I found garlic instead of onion.

  41. Robert Pendragon says:

    So the movie blog finally dies… It lasted almost 2 years…

  42. Nevva Winter says:

    no we shouldn’t let it die!
    I’ll always come here and check it.

  43. Saint Dane says:

    I’ve been watching it.

  44. Robert Pendragon says:

    I come back every two days to check for updates.

  45. Nevva Winter says:


  46. Saint Dane says:

    I’m going to keep it alive with a new comment every few days. Even if it’s something completely irrelevant. Potatoes.

  47. Robert Pendragon says:


  48. Saint Dane says:

    Honestly, I’m not quite sure how to respond to that.

  49. Robert Pendragon says:

    It’s something I said in my class randomly 3 years ago.

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