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I had a request to start a blog where you could weigh in on thoughts about a movie based on The Merchant of Death and to discuss casting. This isn’t to say that a movie is imminent. It isn’t. But I’m working with some folks to develop one now, so you never know. (Just don’t hold your breath!)

So, here’s the blog. Have fun.

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9,043 Comments on “Pendragon Movie Blog”

  1. Saint Dane says:

    And which class was this? Hopefully not World History?

  2. Robert Pendragon says:

    It was in english.

  3. brian says:

    This is my favorite series! I grew up reading this series. Without a movie, my life wouldn’t be complete. I’ve been waiting for along time on a pendragon movie and I think it’s about time for there to be one. I can’t wait any longer!!

  4. brian M. says:

    I love this series and grew up on these books! My life wouldn’t be complete with there being a movie. I really really really hope that d.j. McHale would read this. Even if there aren’t alot of people that are anxious for this move or even series of movies, if there are trailers and cool wallpapers, alot more people would go see it. Anything could happen

  5. Saint Dane says:

    I’m considering a fan-made movie for Quillan Games, Raven Rise, or The Lost City of Faar… Those are my three favorite books and I’ve been trying to practice my screenwritinh skills.

  6. Saint Dane says:

    Typo! No!

  7. Dayton says:

    If there was a movie it would be a huge hit!

  8. Valentin says:

    There needs to be a movie made. Heck Ender’s Game now has a movie coming out I think this would be an even better series to make if the right people were involved l.

  9. Jax says:

    I love Pendragon and really want a movie to be made. My favorite book was the Soldiers of Halla. I liked Raven Rise too. A movie would be a huge hit. I REALLY want more books to read!

  10. Saint Dane says:

    Jax, there are the Before the War prequel-type stories about the other Travelers. I think there are three of those books? Ican’t remember the titles but it’s different authors than DJ.

  11. John K. Paluszek says:

    I love these books and I think they have a greater story to tell than a lot of other books that have been made into movies ( Twilight, Hunger Games, the attempt at Eragon ) I don’t know who I would go to about this but I’ve written the first book’s adaptation from book to screenplay and would love to pitch it to the right people to get this movie franchise started. Anyone know who I could talk to or where to begin?


  12. Evie says:

    I’m seriously so addicted to the books!!! Is there any news on a movie or not???

  13. Wondering says:

    Ok, I am a believer that this movie will be a big hit. As big as the Harry Potter movies but perhaps more so with its 10 books. Just as long as something like the age change in Percy Jackson doesn’t happen. But you will seriously need some amazing effects to pull of the flumes and the different territories. If I could visit any Territory, it would diffinately be Cloral. I would really love to swim with that sort of gear.

  14. Jax says:

    I want a movie to be made!!!

  15. Evie says:

    RIGHT!?!? Cloral is my freaking favorite! But with the special effects now a days and how big the book is already. The graphics will most likely be the best there can be. IF it becomes a movie…

  16. Robert Pendragon says:

    Welcome newcomers.
    I am Robert Pendragon and you may post here. Most of us stopped posting about the movie a while ago.

  17. Em says:

    Let’s start a petition for DJ to write a movie.
    If I stop procrastinating I might get started on that fan-made adaption I’ve been bragging about since forever… but now I might have to reread the books.

  18. Derek J. Johnson says:

    I just finished Soldiers of Halla, about five minutes ago. I started the series 10 years ago and finally finished the last book. I want to go into the film business after college. This is a series I would love to tackle. I can’t believe I am done. I miss them already.

  19. Sunil Dommaraju says:

    If you made a movie out of the first book, it would be more successful then hunger games, twilight, and harry potter combined. I’m telling you, this is one of the best book series that has ever been written. You are an amazing author and you are a director too, so you could direct the movie and it would play out the way you would want it too. The series is so imaginative and original; nothing like this has been introduced into our society before. Please make the people of America happy and make the book series into movies.

  20. Nevva Winter says:

    I completely agree with you all.we need a movie and I’m sure it would be amazing!

  21. Tyler says:

    Ok, i’m in college currently, but I read these books early middle school and high school. Needless to say this is my favorite book series and I was actually caught up to the point where I had to wait for the new books to come out. I LITERALLY never read, but these books drew me in. If there was a movie, I think the story for the movie would be great, there would have to be a really good producer and director though and not just some average joe. and I am still convinced that The Hunger Games got it’s start from book seven, The Quillian Games. That was my favorite book out of all of them. PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE THOUGH, IT WOULD BE AWESOME!

  22. Justin Sattler says:

    The vampire fad? It’s gone.
    The zombie apocalypse? As far as books, were halfway done.
    But considering how well these books were written, and how fantastic the story line is, dj… Please start a world traveling fad? But don’t rush it, also. I want them to be big like Harry potter or LOTR. Not crappy and short like how eragon was made. It sucked compared to the book. Make it big. Please.

  23. Alix says:

    Hi…I’m pretty new to this website, but I’ve been reading Pendragon for as long as I can remember. I started the series early and I’ve been reading and re-reading ever since. I’m not sure about you guys, but this series touched me in so many ways. I experienced so many emotions that I didn’t know existed within me. If a movie was made about this series, I would die happy…heck, I’d die singing and dancing with joy if they made a movie. I hope that it will happen and I could live to see the day when this world is hit with the wonderful world of Traveler’s.

  24. Chipper says:

    I believe a Merchant of Death movie would look great if done in a style similar to director Miyazaki’s films.

  25. Jordan Galle says:

    Mr. MacHale, I am uncertain as to whether or not you are still working on an adaptation, but just in case things aren’t going so well, I am currently working on a script for The Merchant of Death. I would like to send you what I have thus far, but only if you would like. Granted the lines are word-for-word from the book, but that is not to say that it is plagiarism; merely that I am attempting at creating a truly accurate adaptation that will keep the fanbase, and attract any who have read this magnificent series. I await your reply.

  26. Jordan Galle says:

    who have *not read this magnificent series.

  27. courtney triston says:

    i really think that uniqueka moten should play loor google her.

  28. Robert Pendragon says:

    Welcome back we have all moved to the forum.

  29. Logan says:

    NONONONO! NOT A MOVIE! there needs to be a separate movie for each book! PLEASE dont try and cram it all into one

    That said a series would be AWESOME!

    If the Uncle Press is supposed to be old, I think he should be Patrick Stewart.

    Saint Dane? Alan Rickman has shown his ability to be a villan in spades.

    I would want to see Merritt Wever in there somewhere. I would think Cortney would fit best, but she may be a bit too old. Then again, make up and camera angles.

    My final suggestion is for Osa, which is Naomie Harris hands down.

  30. Robert Pendragon says:

    He said the movie would be The Merchant of Death…

  31. Pendragon Fanguy says:

    First of all do NOT do like A Series of Unfortunate Events and cram several books into one movie, totally kills the series like a bullet in the head. Second stick to the books as much as possible (unlike Percy Jackson which is like 2 whole different worlds). Third get some unknown actors that are good but not over done. Fourth don’t be stingy with the effects. A Quig isn’t cool if it looks like a newbie created it. Last but not least do Not stop after like 2 or 3 movies and never finish. That would simply drive the fans away. You have a huge fan base dying for the movies and cutting them short will diminish that base to nothing.

  32. Cgarrett21 says:

    I just have to say that Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad would make an awesome Saint Daine!

  33. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    i saw the Percy jackson movie….grrrrr They messed it up

  34. Nevva Winter says:

    but I think the sea of monsters movie was really good.they tried to fix the first one and the titan’s curse movie will be really closer to the book.
    the merchant of death movie should be made!!we need it!

  35. Brett Vandermeer says:

    Bobby Pendragon : Josh Hutcherson or Lucas Till
    Mark Dimond : Skandar Keynes
    Courtney Chetwynde : Mary Elizabeth Winstead or Victoria Justice
    Press Tilton : Liam Neeson or Gerard Butler or Bryan Cranston
    Loor : Zoe Salanda or Kat Graham
    Spader : Ho-Sung Pak
    Alder: Richard Madden
    Vincent VanDyke: Morgan Freeman (basically him in Se7en) Nuff said.
    Saint Dane : Kevin Spacey (perfectly calm demeanor just like Saint Dane) or Douglas Tait
    Kasha : Grumpy Cat

  36. Robert Pendragon says:

    September 13, 2013 at 3:34 am
    Brett Vandermeer says:
    Kasha : Grumpy Cat

  37. DareDevil says:

    Brett Vandermeer I agree with all but one, I think Spader should be played by Booboo Stewart, if you don’t know who he is look him up.

  38. Justin says:

    Please make a movie for all the books. In my opinion it will be the best movie series EVER and I think alot of people will buy them I know I would.

  39. Flume Rider says:

    Making a Pendragon movie series would be a gamble; Merchant of Death would have to make enough money that it would be worth producing Lost City of Faar, which in turn would need to be successful enough for The Never War, etc.

    I’m definitely pro-movie. And I have to piggyback on Chipper’s post from July 24; as I read the books, that’s exactly how I imagined them in my head. Pendragon needs to be a Miyazaki-style cartoon/anime (not sure which it falls under, to be honest). However, I think live action, or at the very least CG, would make Denduron’s quig bears look epic. But it’s up to you, DJ, a movie will even be made. But here’s hoping! 🙂

  40. Flume Rider says:

    If I may add: provided it comes the point where The Never War comes out as a movie, I don’t think anyone would be more qualified to play Gunny than Morgan Freeman. Just saying.

  41. azayzel says:

    i would die without a movie being made.. its gonna eat me alive if they dont make one, because im a huge fan of then pendragon series.!

  42. Courtney Chetwynde says:

    Wow i havent been on here in forever…. Anyways to the new comers. Hiya I’m Courtney chetwynde obviously and ive been on here since the day this blog was made. I love that even though this is so old people still find it. To those who habe been ln here as long as me. Remember project appreciation? I do.

  43. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    Happy Halloween! – Hobey Ho

  44. hobey ho lets go! says:

    Is there a forum for these bad ass books, and if so what’s this motherfucker called?

  45. Robert Pendragon says:

    @hobey ho lets ho!
    Watch your language!

  46. artemis mercer says:

    I’ve read every book made by D.J and I certainly have a respect for him because I read a lot of books and the Pendragon series is by far my favorite series to read and i have reread them atleast four times and am on my fifth time right now. I say if D.J decides to make Merchant of Death into a movie that would be the greatest idea ever! Also I thought that not many people read these books and I’m happy to find out that others appreciate them as much as i do. All i have to say is MAKE THEM INTO MOVIES! the adventure on the big screen would be great!

    Hobey Ho lets go!

  47. Tribbun and Ribbon says:

    Hi guys!! I haven’t been on in sooo long!!!

  48. Nevva Winter says:

    Hi I’m back! 🙂 wow I missed this blog so much!!!

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