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I had a request to start a blog where you could weigh in on thoughts about a movie based on The Merchant of Death and to discuss casting. This isn’t to say that a movie is imminent. It isn’t. But I’m working with some folks to develop one now, so you never know. (Just don’t hold your breath!)

So, here’s the blog. Have fun.

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9,043 Comments on “Pendragon Movie Blog”

  1. Hunter O. says:

    Well I think Chandler Riggs should be a character considering he is a rising star in The Walking Dead and would be a great addition to the cast.

  2. Nevva Winter says:

    Happy new year! 😀

  3. Tribbun and ribbon says:

    Happy New Years!!!! I’m gonna try to post more! I miss this blog!!

  4. Courtney Pendragon says:

    Is there a fandom name for The Pendragon Series??

  5. Nevva Winter says:

    @Courtney Pendragon
    I don’t know but I think the fandom name is pendragon itself and the fans should be called travelers or maybe acolytes

  6. Nevva Winter says:

    I have a question too:
    What’s bobby’s and courtney’s ship name?

  7. Tribbun and ribbon says:




  8. Tribbun and ribbon says:


  9. EelonCatfolk says:

    Hey everyone…How’s it going?

  10. EelongCatfolk says:

    How was everyone’s New Year’s?

  11. Nevva Winter says:

    @Tribbun and ribbon
    haha maybe 😀

    btw has anyone heard that there’s going to be a movie based on sylo?It made me sad when I heard it because I thought:so there will be no pendragon movie? 🙁 I hope I’m wrong

  12. Tribbun and ribbon says:

    I’m so behind I’ve been re reading pendragon for the fourth time and Morpheus road and I haven’t even started sylo at all. I’m almost done the pendragon series so I will start after that. Is it good??

  13. Nevva Winter says:

    Oh I’ve been re reading pendragon too!I haven’t started reading sylo yet but I heard it’s really good so I’m going to read it soon 🙂 so excited!

  14. Tribbun and ribbon says:

    I’ve forgotten a lot about the pendragon books so I thought it was good to re read them. I’m also really excited for Sylo but I don’t even really know what it’s about.

  15. GOCLORAL says:

    Wow. It has been forever since I was last on here.

  16. Nevva Winter says:

    Welcome back! 🙂

  17. Tribbun and ribbon says:


    Welcome back!!!!!!

  18. Lola says:

    I just started reading the series a month ago and I’m in the 7th book already. It’s an amazing series so far. I’m totally obsessed with pendragon

  19. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    Guys!!!! We should start Instagram fan accounts for this series just to get it discovered more. We can all be different characters from the book but basically just kind of promote it.We could give each other shoutouts and stuff

  20. Mychelle says:

    These books are so perfectly set up to be movies it would be a crime if they weren’t.

  21. Nevva Winter says:

    Yeah I completely agree with you!!
    I’m going to make my account now it will be named @nevvawinter

  22. Nevva Winter says:

    Oh I changed the username to @nevva_winter_pendragon 🙂

  23. Tribbun and Ribbon says:

    I love the instagram idea!!!!!!! @nevva winter K i followed your instagram account with my personal one because instagram told me I couldnt make another account because ive already made too many but I will figure out a way to make one anyway

  24. Nevva Winter says:

    Thanks 🙂

  25. Robert Pendragon says:

    The forums have died… I haven’t been posting just watching… i was waiting for others to come back, but I think it’s gone…

  26. Tribbun and Ribbon says:

    No!!!! Don’t say that!!!!!! I watch too and just wait for other people to post!!!! We need to bring it back! This blog was my life like 1-2 years ago and I would check it practically every 20 minutes!!!! Don’t let it die!!

  27. Robert Pendragon says:

    I was talking about the RP forum. I have been watching this too though.

  28. Nevva Winter says:

    Oh no! 🙁 what should we do?

  29. Jvo says:

    i would love for the series to become movies. tey could have two parts to them like the last harry potter, hunger games, and twilight do. its a good way to get a movie form without taking out parts. i dont know about anyone else but it wouldnt matter how long the movies are, for me id love it and watch em all start to finish no problem. reread the books for the 13th time already and my imagination is just killing me with the thought of movies oh and cast suggestion would be… morgan freeman for gunny and for saint dane.. benedict cumberbatch. i mean his performance in star trek was awesome.

  30. griffin says:

    I love your books. As Soon as I started Reading the books everyone at my school started reading it, and now my school has a pendragon book club!

  31. David says:

    Huge fan of the series…there are so few interesting and original movies out there and majority of them are either remakes or old movies done in 3D I think if Pendragon came to the big screen it would draw in countless number of new fans and satisfy the hunger current ones have to see these books come to life DJ please make your fans dreams come true and make these movies I’m begging you

  32. H says:

    As a fan of the series, I think a better adaptation would be a television series, because in that way all the intricate details of each book wouldn’t have to be squeezed into a 90-120 min, and could instead be spread out throughout several hours of content

  33. Maaz Masood says:

    We need Morgan Freeman as Gunny XD Not all that likely, aye, but who knows?

  34. GOCLORAL says:

    It’s been a while since I was last on here, but I like the Instagram idea.

  35. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    Let’s try to overall get more people into the fandom. I think once it started gaining popularity it would start getting noticed by movie companies and they would actually start getting serious about making it into a movie. We have to get it started though.

  36. CourtneyChetwynde13 says:

    @griffin that’s super cool haha. I wish we had one

  37. kh14 says:

    i think a pendragon movie would be awesome. especially when they travel through flumes. plus, it would make the pendragon series come to life.

  38. kh14 says:

    but, if there was a movie i would hope it would be good because some books are awesome but the movies stink, or vise versa.

  39. Nevva Winter says:

    Btw What should we call ourselves? I think Acolytes would be the best one because like Mark and Courtney, we’ve all read Bobby’s journals so…it would be GREAT! what’s others opinions?

  40. Unig1003 says:

    If anybody has wiki experience, I would appreciate some help writing articles on the books.

  41. TheTraveler says:

    Would anyone want to see an HBO type series?

  42. Pendragon Man says:

    Hey everyone! BTW If there is a pendragon movie, none of us will make it into it, no matter how hard we try.

  43. Sandy says:

    I think it would be pretty awesome if they ever make a Pendragon movie. However here’s the thing, the series are great but very long. There’s no way, no matter the length, that a movie would meet the thousands of expectation of fans who love ALL of the books. A tv series might be better, the books have more then enough plot to stretch it for a couple of seasons. But who knows if that’s even a possibility. I say we love what we have and if a movie is ever made, we enjoy it and not bitch about it afterwards.

  44. Nevva Winter says:

    Has D.J.Machale sold the movie rights?

  45. SilverMisty says:

    Guess who’s back? 😉

    Shout-out to GOCLORAL, Courtney Chetwynde, Robert Pendragon, Eelong Catfolk, Tribbun and Ribbon, Nevva Winter, and everyone else who’s been on here since forever. I miss you all.

    And to the newbies, welcome!

  46. Who says:

    Sorry if this seems mean Mr.Machale sir but……If you could please let Morgan Freeman play as Gunny.
    Also, I just finished reading Soldiers of Halla, and it was so good!!!!!! The ending was great, and the timing was amazing!!!! Good luck with the movie!!!

  47. Bobby says:

    I think that Tyler Posey should play as Bobby

  48. Bobby says:

    These books would make an amazing TV series

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