Soldiers of Halla – Epilogue (SPOILER WARNING)

On the old forums I made a post about this, but since they no longer exist, I’ll write something again.

The final chapter of The Soldiers of Halla has been talked about and discussed quite a bit.   Some love it.   Others hate it.   Some understand it fully.   Others don’t get it.   I’m not going to explain it all here because I’d prefer that readers draw their own conclusions.   But I will make a few comments.   First off, I don’t consider the ending to be a cliff hanger.   Not even close.   The story is very clear about what is going to happen next, and that is that Bobby will soon go to Solara and Courtney will not be far behind.   To understand how the events described in the last chapter could have happened, you have to look at the end of the second to last chapter.   Bobby lamented to Uncle Press that after all they had been through, it seemed unfair that the Travelers were not being allowed to live the normal lives they fought so hard for.   All they wanted was a little bit of time to live those lives, which in the general scheme of Halla, wasn’t much   . . . and Uncle Press agreed with him.   How that was able to happen, and what all the implications are, I’ll leave that up to you to debate and decide.

I’ll say one other thing, and that’s about the guy who delivered Bobby’s journals to him in the hospital.   Short of actually writing his name, I pretty much described exactly who it was.   From the events that unfolded in the hospital room with Bobby and Courtney kissing and being interrupted, to his physical description, to Bobby recognizing him, to him saying that he had nine other journals to deliver, there is no other possible person that could have been…but Uncle Press.

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1,415 Comments on “Soldiers of Halla – Epilogue (SPOILER WARNING)”

  1. Black Water says:

    because she died before saint dane created his flume to black water, so he would have so much power he didn’t know what to do with it, and nevva would have been saved by his solara, so she’d evil again!

  2. Moonshine says:

    I’d like to point out that the major theme of this book is the notion that people should be in control of their own destiny. I think that it’s only right that Bobby had another life at the end or whatever you’d like to call it because it symbolizes all the work he put in as a traveler and how he was in control of his own future in a new life. When press delivered the journals at the end, it is to show Bobby the way it was meant to be and prepare him for halla. Too many people get caught up in the details but are missing the overarching theme that finally connects at the end

  3. MarkDimondrocks says:

    I never looked at it that way. I knew after I read the descriPtion of press that it was him but I read the thing about the kiss interrupting and was like OOOHH I SEE

  4. Loor says:

    I love Loor sooooo much! I even made leather armor and a stave! I train every day with weightlifting and reflex training. My dad and I wrestle and box to build up my fight skills.

  5. Black Water says:

    @ Loor
    thats really cool. As much as I love the series, there is no way i could be that devoted. 🙂

  6. Vo Spader says:

    I wish there was an 11th book just to say what happens when Bobby goes to Solara. It wouldn’t have to be very long just long enough that it doesn’t feel like a cliff hanger.

  7. Alder's The Best says:

    Maybe everything was cleaned instead of reset. Morpheus Road exists in the same universe, therefore making it possible that all the killed innocent people were revived. Solara is possibly “The Light” that is talked about in Morpheus Road so…

  8. Aquaneerdragon says:

    The pendragon books are freaking amazing but I’m so disappointed DJ. The epilogue ruined everything bobby and the travelers have worked for all those years. I was in LOVE with the books. Raven rise I don’t even remember because I read it so fast. I’m confused by the ending. Did everything get deleted? How? How does Bobby recognize uncle press then? How does everything stay the same? Parents? I feel like at least some of these questions joule have been answered. What I really would have like would be bobby ending up with loor and mark and Courtney together. I do love bobby and Courtney of ether but mark just isn’t good with Marie and what about loor? And omg why did mark die? And why was verging suddenly about solara? What about halla?

    Can someone please answer some of my questions. I’m a huuuuge fan but the reset button epilogue really don’t sit we’ll with me. Thanks 🙂

  9. Spaderroxx says:

    I’ve only read till pilgrims of Ryan’s and when he reaches Ibarra it seems pretty weird that the quits there are”bees”(not very intimidating)

  10. Zack says:

    The quigs are not supposed to be intimidating, they are there to make Bobby suffer and make his quest more difficult. and it is not the pilgrims of Ryan’s, it is The Pilgrims of Rayne. And if you saw how many bees described in the book after he has already known how much it hurts and almost died from it, he should probably be intimidated and afraid.

  11. Aja Killian says:

    Ha!!! I did get it right on what happened!!! SSo happy about that….. =D

  12. ghghgh says:

    And the quigs(bees) are POISON

  13. Alder is a beast says:

    I just finished the book and when i realized it was Press atthe end i was like WOOOOOOW

  14. Saint dane says:

    the series was an intriguing one of the best iv ever read but i must disagree with you d.j the ending was one of the biggest cliff hangers iv ever seen you need to make 1 more to really make sure that all of the readers have and understanding of how halla is saved also the life of bobby after the last battle that would make you even more famos and rich LOL

  15. Michael J. says:

    i just finished this book some 10-15 minutes ago, and I am really sad….and perplexed. I really wanted Loor and Bobby together, because she was finally starting to come around at the end of book 9 and throughout book 10, so I thought there would be a reason for it…but it never was realized :/. And it would seem logical for Mark and Courtney to be together, as they basically became close in book 9 and went through basically the same hardships in book 10. The setup was all there but was so tauntingly left there, unfulfilled. But hey, it’s his story. And I’m sad that it’s finally over and all we can do is speculate on there lives hereafter. I guess that’s what any good story does.

    But my biggest calms qualms are that, Aja Killian being stiffed of dialogue and moments (and Siry too, I guess), and of course, the epilogue. It just doesn’t fit into the logic the book has been so craftily set up. Unless Solara is based on a cycle of rebirth, as in everything comes full circle and the events of time play out over and over and over like a never-ending loop with possible minor variations that could accommodate for different lives but the same outcome (which could give Bobby that life he lived), or the rules have changed. I dunno. I like endings like this, but only when in works in the logic of its own universe.

    Aaaaaaaaanywho. anybody have any recommendations for a series after this one?

  16. spader + loorarethebest says:

    Spader is my alter ego i swear on my life sometimes i let my anger get in the way of my thoughts like Spader did before, and im easygoing ad carefree like Spader in like the first two weeks of The Lost City Of Faar i eve made a atual working skimmer out of scraps its awsome and Micheal J i would recommed the series Percy Jackson or The Kane Chronicles there really good Percys about greek gods+ monsters and The Kae chronicles is about egytion gods

  17. Anthony says:

    okay one thing. what the heck is going on
    was it that uncle press wanted him to live a normal life because he worked so hard to save the universe. and erased every thing about what happened from bobby and showed him how his life would have played out if he didn’t go on the motorcycle. or did it all never happen and bobby actually lived normal life.

    by the way I j u s t f I n I s h e d t h e b o o k.

    it only took me a month

  18. Anthony says:

    can I get an answer on that please

  19. saint dane gets pwned says:

    I know tmi was going to far

  20. saint dane gets pwned says:

    times off its only “4:30′

  21. d.j. machale says:

    im not really the author, im saint dane,no,im nevva winter,no im the author,no im a pineapple, MWAH,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

  22. Osa says:

    Awesome!!! Love you Pendragon!!1

  23. Osa says:

    Awesome!! Love ya Pendragon!!

  24. Wu Yenza says:

    I love the Pendragon series! I love how I always get fooled at the end. Embarrassing truth: I would read two Pendragon novels at the same time just to get to the next two. One page from one, another page from another. Back and forth. Hehe.
    Also, I hate the fact that Bobby and the Travelers don’t get their old life back. It’s so sad :'( But that’s D.J MacHale for ya’. The most unpredictable author out there. Or at least, from all the other authors that I read about. Keep it up! I can’t wait to read Sylo!

  25. Wu Yenza says:

    Also… when I read Press’s description, I pretty much jumped and exclaimed, “Uncle Press!”. If you remembered how Bobby explained his appearance. I’m surprised I remembered.
    P.S. I didn’t understand where Bobby was until I read what D.J MacHale wrote. I slapped myself on the head and said, “Stupid!” So, sorry about my previous comment, mates. Anyways…
    Hobey ho, let’s go!

  26. Vo Spader says:

    Love the books. why didn’t the travelers think to contact gunny and spader through the rings? I was SSOOOOOOOOO mad when alder died, he was the first really good travler to die (besides uncle press).

  27. Vo Spader says:

    last one to solara buys sniggers

  28. Flume Rider says:

    I read Soldiers of Halla shortly after it came out. It’s been so long I don’t remember too much (except that it took me about a day to read the final two words). But I do remember the end. I have to agree with a lot of people here: the epilogue leaves a lot to be desired. However, when you look at the series, each book was about a the battle for a specific territory. Once the battle for Third Earth was over (and consequently the War for Halla), there really wasn’t much of a point to continue the series. Sure, there are still a few loose ends that DJ forgot to tie (or did he do that on purpose?), but like he said, it’s for us to speculate and question.

    I’m currently reading the series for the second time, and I’m looking forward to reaching the end once again to have a better understanding of that epilogue. This argument may become invalid later.

  29. jasmine says:

    ok when i read the end i was a bit confused myself but i knew it was uncle press and i loved the fact that bobby and courtney got together and everyone knew that they were going to solara but think about it why would he write another book when we know what happens when they go to solara. and also the Light is mot solara in morpheus road because there aren’t any brightly colored clouds in the light like there is in solara and it was a good ending but he did say it was for us to speculate

  30. Bobby Pendragon says:

    One of the greatest books I have ever read. it’s so interesting and justs make your hands glued to the book. I have recommended this to almost all my friends and they’re all reading them and love them just as much as me. Thank You for This Adventure. And so we go.

  31. Peaknuckle says:

    Hobey ho lets go mates!

  32. jaydalynn says:

    Okay I get that some more now but what I don’t understand is why he doesn’t remember about being a traveler. I get the purpose of the journals so he can remember but why did he forget and what does he think happened during those 5 years of his life? And is he living on second earth with his life with courtney like has it been rebuilt or has solara created an illusion or something of what would’ve happenes and he got to live it

  33. jaydalynn says:


  34. jaydalynn says:

    Why am I so obsessed with pendragon? Im watching tv and they are eating mac and cheese and I thought of patrick mac…I cant stop thinking about the books since I finished them

  35. Alia says:

    I am only on the second book so ya

  36. Violet says:

    I really think that Bobby still loves Loor. I have read all the books and at the end when Loor offers her hand to go together to Halla, Bobby declines as he said he wants to experience a normal life for once at least. Then they said that they will see each other “soon” and be together then.
    He then forgets everything and marries Courtney yada yada and then his uncle one day delivers his old journals so that he could remember everything before he “dies” (Travellers don’t die, its kinda complicated but human spirts linger in Halla)
    (Sorry if there is any mistakes, I am typing all this from memory)

  37. Nick Massie says:

    I guess I should have guessed it was Press. I mean in the first one he did interupt Bobby and Courtney’s kiss. Great ending. I miss Pendragon already and I just finished the series.

  38. aanas says:


  39. HallaSoldier says:

    I love the fact that it’s 2014 and this series is still a topic! 🙂 once I reread the final chapter of the ending, I understood. Time is irrelevant in Halla, that is said all throughout the series (way to foreshadow) also Bobby always talks about how he has no idea who he’s writing to but he has to keep writing (another foreshadow). We learned with Ibara that territories can exist in different times and universes. Bobby said that he needed to finish his journey, but he needed time, Press gave him a lifetime, because a lifetime in Halla can be a few seconds. The motif is when people always asks, how long have you been here and everyone always says, I don’t have a sense of time. So Bobby got a lifetime then when the lifetime was up, he had to read his journals to remember to come home. He could not be with Loor because he traveler had to experience what their lives would be with being travelers. Meaning that they couldn’t know each other until it was time to come home to Solara.

  40. HallaSoldier says:

    I meant that they had to experience their lives WITHOUT being travelers.

  41. SilasC says:

    Love the ending and was glad I took a little time out from life to finish the last 3 books together.

    A little confused how the Earth survivors agreed to stay on Third Earth to continue their lives while Bobby was sent back to live his. I guess that will be left hanging because of what DJ wrote above: “How that was able to happen, and what all the implications are, I’ll leave that up to you to debate and decide.”

    Thank you for the amazing story and ending.

  42. me says:

    Bobby should have been with Loor and Mark should have been with Courtney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Quillan Territory says:

    Quillan games = Hunger Games???

  44. Loque says:

    I’m lost at these points:
    – How did Press get all the journals? And not only from Bobby, but also from every other Travellers!
    – It was said that every Travellers went back to Solara, became spirits and didn’t have ‘a bit more time’ like Bobby did, how do Press deliver them their journals? Why does he do that?
    – Where are schools, volleyball, soft balls on third Earth? It was said that they had to stay on third earth, then where do schools come??? How is MIT still there? Have they gone back Secon Works?

  45. Zebrapegacorn says:

    I just finished the first Pendragon book, I really want to read the next one but the library is closed today and I am not a very patient person. Can some tell me more about the second book the lost city of faar? what happens to Loor?

  46. Zebrapegacorn says:

    hello?? I really want to know what happens to Loor?!?

  47. chenghanch says:

    love it!

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