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Anybody who has been reading the Pendragon story knows how much I hate spoilers.  They totally ruin the reading experience.  But I know that everybody wants to discuss books, and it’s hard to do that without writing things that would be considered spoilers.  So…one reader suggested that I make a blog that is all about spoilers.  If you’re going to post something about a plot twist or a surprise, this is the place to do it.  Of course, many readers LIKE spoilers and will scan this blog to find everything they can.  But that’s their choice.  Hopefully, if most spoilers end up here, then readers won’t accidentally stumble on them.  It’s an experiment.  Let’s see if it works.

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629 Comments on “Spoiler Blog…BEWARE”

  1. courtney'sawesome says:

    @david, awww i’d sit with you. my real name is gabby S. and i live in california

  2. Hallaman10 says:

    Wow man I feel your pain, Im just like that I also have a great talent but mines in drawing. and I do have the attention of a certain girl. So YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  3. david says:

    wow…you guys soud like friggin’ awesome people. if you want to see a small portion(and there i go with my vocabulary!)of my writing. it is not explicit(see? no stopping me now!) it was what i wrote before I read the light

  4. david says:

    when i go to arizona, ill contact you through this blog. im in friggin jersey. i havent been over there since november. thank you so much gabs it really kinda melted my heart(in a good way)

  5. david says:

    halla im an ok artist
    i do draw people dying(2 reasons:1. i play too much CODMW2 2. thats how bad the depression is getting) but ive been drawing so much, im going to design a cover for the new Morpheus Road book. oh wait you guys might nawt know to much about morpheus road
    sadly,only 3 books…

  6. Hallaman10 says:

    Ive read the light and im reading the black now, I draw what ever comes to my head be it half dead demons with exposed skeletons, beautiful girls ive seen in my time as an artist (tastefully drawn and proportions completely accurate) and of course ive done plenty of super hero and comic book ideas. Hey man im glad i could help sorry it took so long to respond ive been very busy. So as they say HOBEY HO to our next adventure!

  7. EminemismyHero says:

    Nobody been on heyu 4 4eva

  8. EminemismyHero says:

    Spiller alert!!! Patrick Mac gets shot btw. Why the F is ain’t nobody on th spoiler blog??? I’m new on this blog n want 2 talk 2 some blogger peeps

  9. David says:

    Hey I’m back. Thanks and its ok you took a while. I don’t come on much anymore

  10. Hallaman10 says:


    Well its just that unfortunately for us die hard Pendragon fans Morpheus Road is becoming the main focus, I love the series but I do think it stinks that the Pendragon blogs are being denied bloggers.

  11. Elli says:

    is it just me or does the new i-phone have a spooky resemblance to DADO’s?

  12. Hallaman10 says:

    I dont own 1 but from what ive seen from the commercials the technology is slowly working its way similiar.

  13. bobypendragon says:

    The droid too

  14. PendragonRules says:

    Hi! Has any1 noticed that travellers have the power to heal other travellers? Take rivers of zadaa. Loor dies, and bobby brings her back to life. That leads me to my next point. Andy Mitchell heals courtney in the same book. Does that make him Saint Dane, or what?

  15. Hallaman10 says:

    Well as much as I hate to say it, this is a spoiler blog after all so YES Andy is Saint Dane hes been Saint Dane since Bobby and the others were little kids

  16. Saint Dane says:

    Bwah Ha Ha….I am andy mitchell and i am not from a territory.im from solora,a place on the verge of existence….it runs on the positive spirit of man but i hav been destroyin the spirit by shapeshifting and traveling between territories witout a flume.my wish is to destroy the good solora and make a dark solora so i can be a god and create my own halla.

    btw i read all the pendragon books in 3 months

  17. Saint Dane says:

    btw (again) i has a phone from Dimond Alpha Digital Organization. D.A.D.O

  18. Saint Dane says:

    i has spoiled all secrets…Bwah Ha HA!

  19. Saint Dane says:

    btw who eva thinks droids r cool has mental problems and is a retard

  20. Saint Dane says:


  21. saint dane hater says:

    hes telling the truth droids r terrible

  22. Saint Dane says:

    y do u hate me i rock sait dane hater

  23. saint dane hater says:

    because im saint dane hater

  24. Hallaman10 says:

    Saint Dane is right,Droids are for ULTRA RETARDS….

  25. Cityrat says:


  26. dumbfucks says:

    dumb fucks

  27. Boss says:

    I just finished the last chapter of the soldiers o halla. Im really depressed now.

  28. Saint Dane says:

    @ Hallaman10

    My dad used to hav a droid but got an iphone 4s we put the droid away………………..

    (AKA in a blender)

  29. Hallaman10 says:

    Well this blog has taken a very weird turn so how about we try to get back to asking each other about the events happening in the books, also I have no preference on smart phones becuase Ive never owned I nor do I plan to get one in the future becuase there all way overly complicated for my old soul.(even though Im 16)

  30. Bailey says:

    Sad about last chapter…. WHY DID IT HAVE TO END?!!? Cant there be an eleventh one???? Im depressed…

  31. Saint Dane says:

    @ Bailey

    D.J. Machale will NOT make another one just beacause you asked!

  32. Bobby The Boy says:

    Well, tell me all that happened from the end of book 5 to the end of book 10

  33. DADOSLAYER says:

    I changed my name from emenem is my hero 2 DADOSLAYER btw.
    He is still my friggin hero though!!

  34. DADOSLAYER says:

    Iphones r beast!

  35. Hallaman10 says:

    @ Bobby The Boy

    Do you need every detail or just a general discription.

  36. Ultimate Spader Fan!! says:

    Saint Dane, I read all the pendragon books in 3 WEEKS

  37. Prelawmold says:

    Just wondering, if Naymeer only died in his mortal body, then his soul would still be alive. So couldn’t Naymeer be still alive and destroying the world?

  38. Saint Dane says:

    @Luke. Man u r Rly desperate to impress all the girls on this blog. My advice is that u suck and should stop spamming,…….in a while we will see if u like it,

  39. Saint Dane says:

    Dang! I posted that comment in the wrong blog!

  40. nevva winter says:

    go saint dane! we will rule halla together

  41. nevva winter says:

    the pendragon books just rock!

  42. Hallaman10 says:


    well I think that Naymeer may have only ended up like that due to Saint Danes influence, so i like to think when Saint Dane was destroyed Naymeer’s spirit was allowed to pass on and have peace.

  43. Saint Dane says:

    @nevva winter

    Nevva, I ALREADY OWN halla 🙂 But i coukd make you the co-owner……. if u wanted it

  44. Saint Dane says:


    It was NOT my influence that made Naymeer that way….. I simply brought out the evil that was already inside him… 😉 – Saint Dane

  45. Saint Dane says:

    spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam

  46. Zadaa Ghee says:

    @Saint Dane:
    That was an incredibly controvertial statement, and your influence is going to bring out the worst in all of us if you don’t stop spamming. Canned ham is just wrong and there’s really no need to torture us all by constantly repeating it.

  47. Hallaman10 says:

    exactly if it wasnt for you Naymeer wouldnt have started Ravinia Cult and im so glad Bobby destroyed you!

  48. A Flighter says:

    @ Hallaman10

    technically, the Ravinians destroyed him by abandoning his cause, thus cutting a huge rift in the supply of dark spirit to his dark Solara, just enough that his spirit couldn’t sustain itself any longer. @Saint Dane oh and btw I enjoyed hearing you plead to bobby at the end. “Why won’t you save me?” lol
    And So We Go Hobey Ho, Let’s Go This is the Way it was Meant to Be. (reference much?)

  49. Hallaman10 says:

    OH S.D you just got burned by A Fighter!

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