What do you think of the new Pendragon covers?

The Merchant of Death was first published in 2002 . . . a lifetime ago.  So we thought it was time to spiff up the Pendragon series and create new covers.   Over the next year or so, all ten books will come out with the new design.  (Paperback only.  The hardcovers won’t change)

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364 Comments on “What do you think of the new Pendragon covers?”

  1. cade says:

    i like them both the second book new cover is preety cool i have to admit but i sorta like the origanal ones better

  2. Andrew the Traveler says:

    no i havent but i ve thoght abot it

  3. Andrew the Traveler says:

    no i havent but i ve thoght abot reading it

  4. Andrew the Traveler says:

    the 2 posts above are for the Lead Travler 🙂

  5. Andrew the Traveler says:

    Saint Dane sucks who agress with me!?

  6. Lead Traveler says:

    well Skeleton Creek is really good and the video clips tied into the story is awesome.

  7. Lead Traveler says:

    Saint Dane does suck, but he did have some good points about life that were interesting(NOT!)

  8. Markus says:

    I love saint dane. Im like him, i manipulate people. Maybe thats why i don’t find him as a bad guy (I do, but not as much as your supposed to), and plus, it makes me laugh when he tricks bobby. Im evil. >:]

  9. Lead Traveler says:

    yeah i guess you kind of have to like him. he is the bad guy after all. you know what’s funny is that my sister whenever we watch a movie or she reads a book(which isn’t often) her fav. character always dies, except for a few selected books and movies. so i think that if she read Pendragon her fav. character would be Mark or one of the people that die, and then come back to life(one of the Travelers) i think that her least fav. character(that isn’t saint Dane or one of the bad guys, also not Nevva) would be Kasha, cause she hates cats. i don’t know why. i looove cats.

  10. yo yo wassup says:

    pendragon is awesome but i liked the old covers better except for the cover of books 2 and 4. The old ones showed Bobby as he was aging. I thought that was kind of cool.

  11. victor turner says:

    i’m sorry but i just hate the new covers. boby’s aging is key and the original covers brought me to the book. the new ones look much too similar to artemis fowl’s book covers.

  12. cats says:

    I love artemis fowl! i thought so too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + 3

  13. Uber Traveler says:

    The new covers are just amazing! It gives the reader a sense of mystery and the urge to read it more! Are you going to create covers like that for the rest of those books? PENDRAGON = BEST BOOK EVER

  14. ALMOST SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    yeah! why is everyone talking about Artemis Foul?

  15. ALMOST SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    meant to say Fowl.

  16. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    Artemis Fowl was an awesome series.

  17. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    btw. cheese is really good. i make up songs about cheese, cheese sticks, and mice.

  18. cats says:

    i heart artemis fowl. i wish i was as smart as him.he has a girl nam.

  19. second traveler says:

    Mr. Machale 2 things actually

    1. Why dose your name come up wrong with a red squiggly line under it?

    2. i know that you don’t have all the time in the world but, me and Doug Roth are in the same class and we are both doing magazines on you so can you please answer one of us?

    P.S. Can you come to Chappaqua NY

  20. spinney says:

    Why is the ring PURPLE???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that’s all I have to say.

  21. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    what ring?

  22. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    do you mean the Traveler ring? it’s purple?

  23. Warrior Sammy says:

    I like Saint Dane. He is a Great bad guy. He’s kinda like a cat playing with a mouse, Saint Dane has the power to easily wipe Bobby from existence, but instead he just plays with him ’cause he likes to watch Bobby squirm.

  24. Warrior Sammy says:

    By-the-way, I like the new covers for the pendragon books, but I like the old ones better, Maybe it’s just cause I more used to them (I don’t know).

  25. artimis foul says:

    U NO WHAT I ADMIT IT IM A TRAVLER just stop pesturing me im looking for opal koboi on zadda

  26. Rome says:

    I say stick to the original designs DJ
    Pendragon is honestly the best series i’ve read and i think that you did everything right the first time around.


  27. Brendan says:

    I like the new covers! But honestly, I liked the older ones more……lol. Maybe it’s just force of habit.

  28. SDSorceress a.k.a Deshae says:

    What i wanna know is….
    from 7 to 8 he changed drastically ahhahah it’s kinda funny. I kinda freaked out when i saw them for the first time lol

  29. SDSorceress a.k.a Deshae says:

    But i do like the faes better

  30. SDSorceress a.k.a Deshae says:

    @Andrew the Traveler

    AAAAAHHHH how can you hate him? I mean i know he’s the bad guy but you have to admit, he’s pretty amazing. And smooth for that matter

  31. titanicphantom says:

    I really like the new covers for the books. I am going to order them one by one so i can all of the books with new covers!!

  32. Pendragon Geek says:

    Don’t change the covers! I wanna collect all of the original book covers! (Will they still have those in stock at book stores? PLEASE say yes!)

  33. PendragonPerson400 says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!! while the old covers were amazingly not spoilers but self explanatory I love these new ones and am dying for 6,7,8,9,10 new covers.
    The old ones are great but I prefer covers with a main and basic object or focus just like how I like titles. The whole ring, and map, and plane thingy really made me happy!

  34. Kasha says:

    The newer covers????? You mean like the single object, or Bobby and the guy behind him (from The Soldiers of Halla)?????? Which one????

  35. Dre says:

    Will I be able to get book ten with the original cover illustration in paperback? I know it’s available in Hardcover, but I’ve got the whole series in paperback, and I’d like to complete the collection right.

  36. Lead Traveler says:

    i don’t like the new covers. and that’s really bad because i need 9 and 10 but they only have them in the new covers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m going berserk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. britt says:

    i just started reading this series a year ago and didnt get the 3rd book till after jaunuary.and just found out bout the new covers so i looked them up and some of the new ones look kool.but i prefer the old ones becuase they help set a scene of the territory.but i love the new cover 4 the quillan games.

  38. Aaron 1212 says:

    I like the new covers. In some of the old ones, like 8, it looks like a different person and not Bobby. Plus some of the other covers backgrounds have been miss leading for what that place is like. I already have all the books in the old covers but I would like to see the rest of the series in the new ones.

  39. Lead Traveler says:

    to add to my last comment. i don’t get the new ones. i don’t get how they go along with the books.

  40. Lead Traveler says:

    what i mean is that the symbols are confusing to me.

  41. Holly says:

    I like the old covers way better because now if someone was walking by, they would see just a ring on the cover. (kind of boring)
    But if you kept with the old ones, i think it would catch your eye more because the cover has like a setting on it and it’s colorful.Also i think the old ones are better because it kind of showed you who the main character looked like and the surroundings. But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

  42. Lead Traveler says:

    i have a confession everybody.
    ok. so there’s this movie called Pendragon: sword of his father or something and (no offense to anyone who likes it) it was boring. so when i saw dj’s Pendragon books i thought that it was going to be the books the movie was based on. so i never read them. i didn’t want to read them. i just stared at them cruely everytime at the library. then for Christmas my sister got me the first 2 books and told me to read them and if i didn’t like them we could take them back. well, i started reading them and you guys know how it turned out. did anyone else have a similar experience?

  43. Holly says:

    i didn’t, but i have heard of that pendragon: sword of his father book.
    this pendragon series is waaaaaay better. i got reffered to by my teacher.

  44. Lead Traveler says:

    good old teachers. i think that the most books i’ve read have either been recomended to me, i’ve seen other people read and i just found. the rest of the books my MOM actually finds and says “Here. Read this. It sounds good.” and usually they suck.

  45. britt says:

    not my mom my mom showed me some books one time and said i might like them one of them happened tp be the merchent of death. it was the best book she showed me!

  46. Mozartghost says:

    And the Merchant of Death isn’t even as good as the other Pendragons…
    They’re Epic!

  47. Lead Traveler says:

    i thought all the pendragons were good.

  48. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    why don’t you like the first book?

  49. Isabeau says:

    i like all of them, it’s hard to pick a favorite.
    I love you Bobby!!!!! 😉

  50. Lead Traveler says:

    hahaha. i do like the first book. cheese person.

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