Twenty Twelve

Any resolutions? Wishes? Hopes?

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306 Comments on “Twenty Twelve”

  1. Simone says:

    Haha, yeah i completely agree. Man the time is soooo wrong! It is 2/16/2012 at 7:57 P.M.!!! HA!

  2. Simone says:

    Woah this is weird….i am the moved up to the top…..strange. Bye!

  3. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    @Simone I noticed you said 7:57 pm, but my clock says it just turned 7:05. Are you from New York or Philadelphia or something? I’m from Austin, Texas

  4. Simone says:

    I am from Ohio, It’s not a man purse it’s a satchel. I like your name. It’s long and annoying to type but….i like it. 🙂

  5. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Thanks. Ohio, huh? I’m thinking about moving out there for college

  6. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Wait, where in Ohio? I’m moving to Columbus, cause not only is it a good college town, but I think it’s also the headquarters for White Castle.

  7. Simone says:

    College? So you’re about 20 years old? That is strange i thought you sounded kinda “older” 😉 White Castle? Could you explain please? 🙂

  8. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    White Castle is a fast food resturant chain, well known for its appearances in the “Harold and Kumar” movies. And actually I’m 15.

  9. Simone says:

    Ohhhhhhh……OHHHHH! 15? Guess how old i am. 😉

  10. JuneLyn says:

    @ its not a mans purse its a satchel

    foul language? really? im not sure if its swearing to you, but it is to me so please, keep the comments pure?

    also, i agree with you. if they try to change the books, it will completely ruin the whole series for me. the harry potter movies were absolutely amazing. couldn’t have been any better!

  11. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    @Simone-How old are you? @JuneLyn-What do you mean foul language? I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about

  12. Simone says:

    Hello JuneLyn! Did i forget to mention i love your name? It is really cool sounding. Foul language? Gulp. 😉 Anyways, It’s not a man purse it’s a satchel, i am three years younger then you.

  13. Simone says:

    @JuneLyn-Do you mean the: “Oh my God!” thing on the older comments?

  14. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Oh twelve! That took me like five minutes to figure that out

  15. BuggyReality says:

    JuneLyn what swearing are you talking about?

  16. BuggyReality says:

    JuneLyn are you referring to satchel (im not even gonna say his full name lol) said freaking? That’s not really a bad word.

  17. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    @BuggyReality- You couldn’t even type “it’s not a man purse it’s a…”, but you could type “im not even gonna say his full name lol”? What up with that?

  18. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Ok, BIG disappointment today. I just found out that the world ending this year is totally bogus! Oh well. Guess I better go kill myself. Oh wait, suicide is a crime. Shhhhhoot! Eh, I’ll do it anyway. Goodbye, D.J. MacHale fans! This will be my last comment on this website. I’ve really enjoyed the expirience of commenting with all of you other D.J. MacHale fans. I’ve made some friends (and some enemies). I bid you all farewell. Goodbye.

  19. Simone says:

    @It’s not a man purse it’s a satchel:

    …..HAHAHAHAHA! You might not read this ;D But you are so funny!!! Five minutes? Hahahahahahahaaha!!!!!!!!! Well, nice talking to you to! XD HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  20. JuneLyn says:

    @ simone (and everyone else referring to my comment on foul language)

    yes i was talking about him taking the lord’s name in vain. it hurts my feelings and i would ask that everyone would not say it 🙂 thank you (btw that was going strait to you its not a …… satchel)

    And thank you, Simone, i like my name too 😀

    @ its not a mans……….satchel

    have fun 😉

    btw your name is just too long……lol

  21. Simone says:


    I agree. Although some people do not believe in God. Did you know they are thinking of removing the IN GOD WE TRUST on the coins we use? Some people brought it to attention that not everyone believes in Jesus. But the USA came into being with people who believed in God. Notice how i said came into being not founded. The Native Americans founded it. They were the ones who helped us survive. and how did we repay them? We burned and slaughtered their villages and people. I, personally, think the USA is SICK!

  22. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Well, the suicide didn’t work out so now I’m under house arrest. Oops.

  23. Simone says:

    Oh man….i am cornered. I don’t really think you’re being serious but if you are……then i might hurt your feelings if i laugh. Man…..But…..anyways, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  24. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Can I have everyone’s attention please? I did not actually try to kill myself. That was just a publicity stunt.

  25. Simone says:

    I knew it. 😀 I am sooo sooo sooo stupid. 🙂 My brother just said he hated Dj McHale just because he read only the first book of Bobby Pendragon and said it was cheesy! Come on! Sigh….people are so judgemental these days. How do you spell that?

  26. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:


  27. Simone says:

    😀 I meant the word: judgemental. 🙂

  28. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    you spelled it right

  29. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Ok, I must warn all of you, last night I signed on to this website on a public computer so I could post that last comment, but it wouldn’t let me delete my name off of it, so now it’s stuck on there. If there is a comment on here that says it’s from me, it actually may not be from me, so don’t go accusing right away if my comments have any “foul language.”

  30. Simone says:

    Hmm. Weird. Well, i will remember that. But what do you mean, public computer. Do you own the computer or is it at like a library or something similar to that.

  31. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    I usually post comments from my laptop, but I logged on to this website on a computer at best buy. So yeah something similar to that

  32. Simone says:

    Hmm. I see.

  33. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    I feel like most D.J. MacHale fans lost interest in this website.

  34. Simone says:

    Yeah. i was just thinkin’ that. So far i have this story that i am writing on a normal microsoft word document and it is 30 “paper” pages long. I’ve been writing it for a month and i know that the pages in books, are a LOT smaller then actual paper. Could anyone estimate how many pages i really have? I have around 30,000 words. It’s not a big story, but it is SUPER complicated.

  35. JuneLyn says:

    yup….were the only ones…..saaad well anyways, first off, simone, you spelled my name wrong. but i forgive you. JuneLyn thats how 🙂 i think it is absolutely insane to take in god we trust off the coins!!!! The USA was created by god for his people. how it came about isnt really our place judge. (no hard feelings i hope)

    Id say that you had about…..hmm….maybe around 70-100 pages. seem right?

  36. Lisa Ann (star) says:

    Have you guys heard of Lisa Ann?

    Tell me if you have =)

  37. Simone says:

    @Lisa Ann
    Nope never heard of Lisa Ann.


    WOW! 70-100? Man, i thought i qould have like AROUND 45? maybe 50? Geez. Yeah i suppose. Oops. 😀

  38. Simone says:

    Typo: Would 😉

  39. The Doctor says:

    You’re a writer Simone? That’s cool.

    And I agree with Junelyn. In God we trust should stay on coins. After all, it’s the dominant religion in the US.

  40. Simone says:

    Yeah, i am. I haven’t gotten anything published yet. I mean, i haven’t even showed anybody my work. I love fiction and Western Science fiction. Not really anything else too much. 🙂

  41. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    That seems stupid to take in god we trust off of coins. You know what they should do instead? Discontinue Pennies and nickels. I think a dime should be the lowest amount of money you should have all at once. You can never buy anything for one or five cents, you always have to use a ton of them before you can actually pay for something. Stupid American currency! This took me ten minutes to type 🙁

  42. Simone says:

    Woah….yeah i think that’d be reasonable. Sigh…

  43. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    @Simone–The pennies and nickels thing or how long it took me to type that comment?

  44. The Doctor says:

    What? I love pennies! They’re almost useful. You can put them in flat penny machines!

  45. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:


  46. Jonathan De Sa says:

    Can you please please PLEASE start making a pendragon movie? I know that it would be good to read instead, but I am trying to incourage people to read pendragon, but they WONT!!! They have no idea what it is about!!! I think that if there IS a movie, the people who see it will want to read pendragon. And i KNOW that a lot of people are waiting for a movie, so please, for all of us, PLEASE consider a movie. A lot of people want it, and THAT i am certain. – Big fan – Jonathan Alan De Sa

  47. Jonathan De Sa says:

    By the way, thank you for making this series, i LOVE it. I read it all the time, and i already read it, i am going to read the series over, and over again, i encouraged 4 friends to read it, and they LOVED it. – HUGE fan – Jonathan Alan De Sa

  48. Simone says:

    @It’s not a man purse it’s a satchel

    The “Woah” is for the ten minutes. 🙂 The “That’d be reasonable” is for the other part. 🙂

    @The Doctor
    My father is actually obsessed with saving up pennies made BEFORE 1982 or something. He said that they have more copper then pennies made later on. 🙂 He said if they “do away” with the penny, he could melt them down and get some cash. 😀 http://abcnews.go.com/Business/laws-change-penny-hoarders-cash-thousands-dollars/story?id=15076522#.T1mCS

    this is CRAZY!!!

  49. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Im commenting this at school right now and I’m supposed to be paying attention. Stupid teacher has no idea!

  50. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    I’m the 200th commenter. Hey here’s a tip for everyone: if you get stabbed then immediately pour milk on the wound. Don’t ask why.

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